Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Speech Sample: 25 Months

Nolan is obsessed with the Pixar movie Cars, so when Grandma sent a sticker book with the characters, he was absolutely thrilled! I figured I would snag a speech sample while he was so enthralled. I have noticed his "hearing bubble" seems to be smaller these days- he has had a cold recently so I am not sure if the fluid is causing trouble or if there is something more permanent going on. He's dropped his final /r/ sound (car used to be "tar" and is now closer to "tie"), initial /p/ sound, and is confusing words like "police" and "green." I'm voting for fluid troubles- hopefully it will clear out soon!


lbre969903 said...

This was so great! I love that he just repeats everything you say and you don't have to tell him to. I hope the extra "stuff" is only fluid and it can get taken care of real soon!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I love his little bubbly voice :0)
Hope he's over the cold soon,


Megan said...

I'm always amazed at how well Nolan speaks. Luca loves Cars too! Loves, loves, loves.

I noticed Luca's dropping some sounds too a couple months ago. We went for a hearing test 3 weeks ago and he came down with a cold the day before. We got good responses in the left ear, but not in the right. We are taking him back tomorrow to retest. Not sure if he lost some hearing, cold or bored with the test.

Maybe get Nolan's hearing retested to see if they need to readjust the aides. May be just a cold, though, too.

tammy said...

He speaks so well and I just love little boys and their cars! So cute! He does such a fantastic job repeating what you say! Way to go Nolan!!! and I'm loving that big ol' book! what a nice grandma!!

rouchi said...

Love his concentration and his listening skills.He is speaking so well for a 2 yr old. Way to go.