Saturday, October 31, 2009

Of Long Car Rides and Earmolds

Nolan would much rather fly to Buffalo.

We drove up to Buffalo to make impressions for new earmolds yesterday. The actual appointment was quite uneventful, with the standard pink goo and disassembling of every puzzle in our audiologist's office. The car ride to and from Buffalo, however, was interminable.

For those of you who are not "lucky" enough to experience a long car ride with Nolan, I will recap the event:

  • *drops juice cup* "MY JUICE! I WANT MY JUICE! JUIIIIIIICCCCCEEEE!"- 25 minutes.
  • *takes off one shoe* "MY SHOE!!! MY SHOEE! SHOOOOOOOEEEEEE!"-20 minutes
  • *observes Matthew sleeping* "MATTHEW! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!- 10 minutes.
At this point, I can't take any more crying (because all statements in the car must be made at maximum volume, in a sobbing voice). I told him to please use his talking voice, and not his crying voice. So, for the remaining hour, this is what I heard:


His pronunciation might have made it cute, in that he sounds Italian: "I'm a-talkin' a you, Ma!" The volume, however, negated any "cute" effect.

The ride home was quite similar, except he didn't have his hearing aids in, so he was slightly louder.

The good news was that he finally fell asleep. The bad news was that he fell asleep three minutes from our house.

Thank goodness our audiologist loves us and booked our next hearing test for the earmold pickup, so we can reduce the total number of trips!


tammy said...

Don't you just LOVE how they fall asleep RIGHT before the house! (just a little sarcasm there). I'm trying to teach Aiden inside voice and boy do we have a long ways to go!

Pattie said...

Still L.O.V.E. the Italian comment! I would like to be in the car to hear that one. Well, maybe for a few minutes at least!

lbre969903 said...

I have a 6 year old that I am still trying to teach about his loudness. Guess it doesn't help that he doesn't hear himself like I do!! :) You really do have to drive a long way for your audiologist.. You must love her very much!

Megan said...

Oh! Nolan's talking is great. Wow.

You know, our audiologist sends us the ear molds in the mail and we cut them ourselves, just slightly longer than the other ones. It says us driving a long trip. It's really easy and I'm sure you could do it.

terena said...

I know these rides all too well. Our audiologist is three hours away, so there is much complaining, sighing, complaining more, rolling of eyes and general misery. My daughter is now 14 so she does all of this with great melodrama and declarations of "I'm so bored."

Herding Grasshoppers said...


Okay, just laugh and remember that there were moments that you worried if he would learn to talk.


I love it!


rouchi said...

Moments like these make you feel how lucky we are to hear their lovely voices. And it does get too much when they talk loudly because they are without aids.

Julia said...

Thanks so much for coming to signing time playgroup yesterday! I hope you can join us again. How was the drive home? (I'm afraid to ask ... !)