Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random Update

We've had a good week with the grandparents visiting from California, our first snow of the year, and visits to the Strong Museum of Play and Brown's Berry Patch. We've noticed a change in Nolan's language, which is getting more complex by the minute. Recent sentences include:

  • "I don't know where Matthew is!"
  • "My not a baby. My a big boy. Matthew baby!"*
  • "I got my Grandad!"
  • "My a frog. RIBBIT RIBBIT!"
The first sentence blew me away. It was completely spontaneous, and included all the appropriate parts of speech. Also, it was six words long.

He's also been responding better to sound, which is a big relief. We had about a month of poor response, which occurred with a cold. We know that Nolan's hearing level drops to about 80dB in the presence of fluid, so it is a big relief to see his behavior returning to "normal." He's turning to his name again, and even seems to be doing well in the presence of background noise. He turned when his name was called at preschool (the voice was behind him), and responded to Daddy's voice at the very hectic "Zoo Boo" event we went to last night.

The Nexium seems to be working well, and Nolan has been eating a good amount this week. He still isn't sleeping through the night, but our recent discovery that apple juice is on the "no-no" list may help matters a little.

It is nice and uneventful around here- just the way I like it! The only upcoming appointment is for earmold impressions on the 30th and then a well-baby checkup (2 year) in November. I love it when everything goes along so smoothly!

*Matthew heartily disagrees with this statement, and has indicated on numerous occasions that he is a big boy. This is a common point of contention between the two boys!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hurray for Nolan's language!!!

So you've had company... your blog seemed awfully quiet. Glad you're back :0)


Ericka said...

wow! Nolan is doing really well with his speech!

tammy said...

You deserve quiet so Yay for you all! Nolan's doing just fabulous and I love his "my" statements! I always love seeing those big baby blues in your pictures. And I have to ask, where did you get that duck costume? My little cousin wants to be a duck so bad, and her mom and dad have given up trying to find one! It's not everyday you see duck costumes! Love it!!

Pattie said...

So nice to hear a "boring" update from you...LOL!

WOW! Nolan is really talking up a storm, isn't he? Love it! Glad the Nexium is working. I was going to email you about that today!

BTW, his blue eyes look so cute on the snowy backdrop. :-)


rouchi said...

So good to get an update, you sound so happy. Enjoy and all the very best.Good for you and Nolan, and pat on the back for the job being well done mom...

JoeyRes said...

Wow! I love those language samples. They are great to look back on and see how far you've come!

Julia said...

Great speech! That fluctuating loss that depends so much on fluid must be really tough to deal with. I hope he outgrows the fluid-y colds. Say hi to Michelle Dube for me! Ben's earmolds are getting a little squealy, so we might head up there one of these weeks.