Monday, March 31, 2008

Thinking About Cue Camp

Among the various communication options out there for hard of hearing kiddos is cued speech- handshapes that represent the various phonemes found in the English language. Its definitely something I want to learn, since it may help with Matt's articulation issues in addition to being useful with Nolan. On the other hand, classes aren't offered locally and there aren't any transliterators available in our school system. There is Cue Camp New York in Rochester (about 3 hours from us) and I'm thinking of attending that camp.

The camp is really a bargain when you consider what you get for the cost, but it is a high cost when you have a family of four! If all of us go, it will be $700 with the early bird pricetag. If Dennis stays at home, it will be $475. Ouch.

I'm still thinking about it, but we may try for next year rather than this year. This is the one time I wish Matt wasn't a full 2 years old! If he was under 2, he'd be charged at $50 rather than $200. Sigh....


MB said...

Come to camp in Virginia! Kids under 3 are freeeeeee! Of course you have to get to Williamsburg -

2007 prices:
Cue Camp Overnight Camper Fee Scale (for members of the same family)

1 person $150 4 people $375
2 people $240 5 people $435
3 people $315 6 or more $500

Children 3 years old and younger are free!

leahlefler said...

Hmmmm... according to Mapquest, it's 8 hours, 36 minutes by car. Might be worth it! Especially with the kids being free....

Loudest Mom said...

We thought about Cued speech as well. There was an amazing 16 year old girl who came and talked to us all at our Parent/Infant Program camp about Cued speech. They had a camp in Utah as well. Let me know if you end up going, what you thought of it :)

Ouch is right- Maybe it's worth the drive ??

Barb said... How far away is Ohio? It's this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if that is a path we'll go down with Ethan, given the apraxia diagnosis. I'm always up for something new!