Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Because We Really Needed More Drama

Nolan's mic-key g-tube was three months old, and the balloon that holds it in place sprung a leak. Since the tube was falling out, I replaced it this morning with a new one.

I called the Home Healthcare Company (HHC) that takes care of Nolan's respiratory equipment (and has the prescription for the g-tube replacements) to order another new mic-key to have on hand as back-up. The HHC stated they are no longer doing mic-key buttons and referred us down to Hamot medical in Erie, Pennsylvania. I called Hamot, and they stated they are not taking new referrals, but to have the prescription sent to them and they would send it to Pittsburgh.

I called the surgeon's nurse (who must be rather sick of hearing from me) and told her the situation. She said she'd send in the prescription. She also asked if we had heard from radiology (we hadn't). She said she'd follow up on that again (they still haven't called).

In any case, I went to Nolan's kindergarten parent meeting tonight. Since Matt was in kindergarten last year, none of the information was new - but it was good to see his new teacher.

I got home and Dennis jetted off to hockey. I put Nolan in his pajamas and noticed that his new tube was hanging half-way out of his belly. Not good. I checked the fluid level and pulled out stomach fluid. The balloon has burst. Since I didn't have another back-up on hand, this was not a good situation.

I taped it in place and called the surgeon's emergency line. The resident eventually called back and instructed me to remove the mic-key button, put the emergency foley in, and tape everything in place. I'm to call the clinic tomorrow and try to get him in for a button change in Rochester.

I have a feeling I'll be making a three hour drive tomorrow - unless it can wait until Friday (which was when we were supposed to have his upper GI done anyway, if radiology can manage to call and schedule it).

Dennis is now at the store buying some KY jelly (lubricant to get the foley in) and an ace bandage to hold everything in place.

My blood pressure is through the roof.

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Julia said...

OY. This too shall pass, this too shall pass. I hope all goes well tomorrow in Rochestor -- let us know.