Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to School Shopping

In less than two weeks, school starts. Nolan's kindergarten information packet has arrived, we have his teacher assignment (Mrs. H) and his supply list. His teacher seems pretty wonderful and has already called to see how things are going for us.

Instead of worrying about how we're going to keep Nolan fed in school, I buried myself in retail therapy today. I took the kids to Erie, PA and we went to Target in a quest to find backpacks, lunchboxes, and school supplies. Apparently, kids in Pennsylvania start school before kids in New York, because the backpack section was wiped out and they were not re-stocking. I did manage to get everything else, though, so I'm calling a huge WIN on the shopping trip.

After the necessary supply shopping, I took the boys to the mall to find the Crazy 8 store. For those who aren't aware, the store is owned by Gymboree and the clothes are adorable and low-cost. I managed to get several really cute outfits for both boys - the shirts were about $4 each and the jeans were $7 for Nolan.

The shirts run big at Crazy 8, so I picked up some 3 year old size shirts (Nolan normally wears a 4T). I absolutely love this dinosaur outfit:

Nolan's Giant Tummy of Bloat is a bit better today than yesterday. His surgeon already wrote me back and asked if the bloating was from air (he asked if he had been crying a lot, if he liked the milk, etc). I told him that he hadn't been crying and simply got too full - he likes the "mighty milk" taste. The surgeon suggested venting him if he bloats and draining off the excess so that he remains comfortable. Even though we might lose some of the calories by doing this, we can't have him in such distress.

Sorry for the details, but this blog is as much a way for me to keep records as it is for keeping friends and family up-to-date. Stop reading now if you don't want a blow-by-blow account of What Nolan Ate. It's dreadfully boring.

Instead of making waffles for breakfast this morning, I gave him some dry cereal with the mighty milk on the side. This let him get in his 8 oz. without too much discomfort, since he had an empty stomach. We drove to Erie and ate lunch at Panera Bread - he didn't eat his macaroni and cheese at all, and only ate a tube of yogurt. We went shopping and came home - he had a little bit of bread, but really hadn't eaten anything since breakfast.

He did eat dinner well -one stuffed shell, some green beans, and a small clementine. He drank the last 8oz. of mighty milk and then had some orange juice. He was bloated and uncomfortable, so I vented off some air and a small amount of fluid.

We're looking forward to the weekend and Nolan's birthday on Monday. I can't believe my baby is five!


Kyla said...

Cute stuff!!

I'll definitely keep tuning in for the What Nolan Ate show. ;) I hope you guys find something that works for him!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh my gosh, those shirts are adorable! (Well... also consider the model ;D ) Why didn't Gymboree do this when mine were little? Their clothes were so expensive I only bought them used!

How long is Nolan's school day?

Julie G

dlefler said...

Julie, he'll be in school from 8:45-3:10pm. I'm driving the boys this year and not letting them take the bus, so that shortens the day a bit (Matt's school day went from 8am-4pm due to the busing last year).

Nolan's having a really good day today - we'll take what we can get!