Friday, June 1, 2012

Four (and Five) Year Old Shots

Nolan was overdue for his four year old shots - he'll be five in August and we need to get all of his immunizations in before he starts school. Fortunately, a really wise mama-friend suggested that I ask the nurse if we could do all of the immunizations at once - otherwise, we'd be back in six weeks to get the 5 year old series!

We walked into the pediatrician's office and the nurse agreed to give him both sets of shots. Might as well - the trauma of two "shot" appointments is more than one appointment with four jabs. Nolan, of course, was not having any of it. The two of us tried to hold him down for the shots, and we were unsuccessful. It is amazing how strong a 32 pound child can be! The nurse went to get assistance, and Nolan yelled after her:

"You are all called POOPY!"

It took three adults to hold him down, and he actually got 5 jabs because he moved at the wrong moment and the nurse missed one, but thankfully it was all over fairly quickly. Nolan was absolutely enraged, and I had to drag his howling little body out of the pediatrician's office. He promised revenge to everyone wearing a white coat:

"One day I will have a car and I will drive away and I won't let you COME with me! I will drive away from YOU!"

I took him for ice cream as a reward, and he limped around the mall. This is sort of funny, because the shots were in his arms and not his legs - he's good at drama.

He's doing fine this morning, though the DPT injection site is quite sore. Hopefully he'll feel better by the weekend.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

All three boys came running to see what was so funny when I burst out laughing, so thank you for sending all four of us into the giggles, first thing in the morning!

To be fair, they are laughing in sympathy for Nolan as none of them like "pokies", but - thankfully - we've passed the stage of having to restrain one of them (who shall remain nameless).

Also, we applaud the use of ice cream - an after-shot tradition in our family that is continuing into the teen years ;D


dlefler said...

He was hysterical - it was not so funny at the time because he was really angry and upset, but his sayings cracked us all up. And, of course, the limping - fortunately he gave up that act pretty quickly, haha!

Magic Ear Kids said...

What an event! I subjected Julia to an allergy test last fall. You'd have thought she was being skinned alive. It tends to make me ANGRY MOMMY when she gets overly upset. I would not have been a good nurse.

Hope he's able to walk for the weekend! :)

Kyla said...

How FUNNY! When K was that age, she argued with my about the Hippocratic oath because of vaccines..."But she HARMED me with that needle!"

Our pediatrician does 4-5 year shots all at the 4 year appointment, then you get a nice long break before it is time for any new ones!