Monday, June 4, 2012

Frustrated With Ear Infections

He's smiling, but in pain. He's had a nasty nose for over a month. And now he's refusing to wear the hearing aid in his right ear.

He has another ear infection coming on.

I'm more upset about this than I would be if an ear infection was just an ear infection - but for Nolan, ear infections mean reflux. I think the fundoplication might not be working.

I'm more frustrated than I can possibly express - I don't see fluid leaking out of his ears yet, so I'm watching and waiting. We'll probably be at the pediatrician's office tomorrow, and since Whooping Cough is going around in our area, this doesn't make me happy.

I suppose we'll see what the ear looks like tomorrow.



Kyla said...

Can they/will they do any testing to check for reflux? K had a g-button check last summer when she was having so many tummy issues and although it wasn't the purpose of the test, we sure saw her reflux geyser in action during the test!

I'm hoping it is just seasonal allergies causing trouble and not the return of reflux!

rouchi said...

Keeping fingers crossed......hope it gets better and no infection !! Stay strong Leah!

TheSweetOne said...

Stay strong and hopeful! Tons of kids get recurrent ear infections and have never had reflux. That may have been Nolan's history but it's just as possible that it was happening along side. Take a step back and re-evaluate. Have any of his other reflux symptoms returned? If not then consider that reflux may not have been the sole cause of his infections and tackle it as a new/separate problem. You'll get through it! We're all pulling for both of you!

dlefler said...

The problem is that I am truly concerned the reflux is back. He's had some coughing, not eating, and the sinus infection lasting longer than a month, and now another ear infection. We do know that former ear infections were caused by reflux due to cultures. We see his ENT in July and I'm sure another pH probe will be on tap if this continues.

I do wonder about allergies, though - he does have eczema and it is possible. It is all just so frustrating.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

How is he doing today? Any improvement?