Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vision Check-Up

Nolan had an appointment with his orthoptist today. An orthoptist is a person who specializes in the treatment of amblyopia, for those who don't frequent pediatric ophthalmology clinics - Nolan has a visit with her every few months to verify that his vision is stable or improving with his glasses.

He had a quick vision check today. The good news: he can now see in three dimensions. Awesome!

The bad news: his eyes are separating again. There is a 2-line difference between his left and right eye (corrected vision differences - even with glasses, his right eye sees worse than his left). He is still using both eyes, which is good, but we obviously want to correct the poor vision in the right eye.

The current plan is to do a dilated eye exam in November to see if his prescription has changed. If that is the cause behind the discrepancy, then new glasses will suffice. If his vision hasn't really changed that much, then he will have to start patching the strong eye to force the weak one to work. The orthoptist did a "quick and dirty" check on his prescription in the weak eye, and he doesn't appear to have a prescription change. There is a fairly decent likelihood that he'll have to patch in the fall, but we'll take it as it comes.

Otherwise, it was a really easy visit. He showed off his knowledge of letters ("does he know the letters HOTV?" "He knows ALL of them, lady!") and aced the stereoscopic (3-D vision) test. We grabbed lollipops on the way out and we ran home to get ready for soccer practice.

The only negative of our eye appointments is that Nolan hates leaving the office. They have a really cool playhouse and the waiting room is decorated with giant Monarch butterflies. The eye doc is our favorite place to go!


Laura's medical journey said...

aw great he can see 3d!! :D awesome job nolan!

dlefler said...

It is great news - it means that despite the slide backwards trend in his weak eye, his eyes are working together better. I'll take it! I still hope we can avoid patching - but we have a little while until November and maybe his eye will improve enough to avoid it by then! Or maybe his prescription has changed and all he'll need are glasses.

Kyla said...

KayTar's eyes seem to get a little worse at every check! Hope the next check goes well (either improvement or a new script!).

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hurray for a fun and painless medical "experience" and for the good news you got :D If it comes to patching for awhile, I'm sure you'll all roll with it graciously.


Loudest Mom said...

Too cute!

Loudest Mom said...

Too cute