Friday, May 13, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

This week has been fairly busy. Not in a "lots of crazy medical appointments" sort of way, but in the normal preschool-program-playground-visiting loveliness that comes with May.

Nolan did break the nose pad on his glasses, so we took a trip to Walmart to get the nose pad replaced. His glasses have a saddle-nose bridge piece, which does help the glasses to stay up on his face.

Unfortunately, the glasses still sit pretty low and he spends most of his day looking over the top of the glasses. With amblyopia, this is a very bad thing: he needs to look through the lenses to get his brain to recognize the presence of the weak eye. We return to the ophthalmologist in June, and I have a suspicion Nolan will be going Pirate-style with an eye patch this summer.

Matt has decided to give us a run for our money, too. He is, overall, very healthy. Unfortunately, he has never been dry during the day. Now, at five-and-a-half, this is becoming an issue. We go through an incredible amount of laundry, and obviously we don't want him to start kindergarten with an embarrassing continence issue. We see the pediatrician next week to address this: the first course of action is to try a drug called DDAVP to see if that helps him become dry during the day. We may also have to do some tests, since Nolan has a urology problem that can be seen in brothers (the posterior urethral valves). It is highly unlikely that Matt has the issue, since it only occurs in 1/8000 male births, but the consequences can be devastating if it isn't corrected. I'm really hoping the DDAVP is all he needs, because then all we need to do is "watch and wait" for his bladder to mature.

I'm also still waiting on Nolan's sleep study results. They are probably already in at the Pediatrician's office, but I will wait until next week's appointment to pick them up. In the meantime, we're just praying that the apnea is gone.


rouchi said...

Yes, busy moms!!How the life is taken up by these kids, but we love it, don't we?He looks too cute in the pictures, specially when he looks over the glasses!lolzzz

Maria said...

I LOVE the picture in the church. What a great shot! Good luck with all the busy!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

LOVE the pic in church...*sigh*

Hope you get some good answers for Matt.


Ericka said...

Oh Nolan is so cute with glasses!
Miles has lost 20db since his last hearing test. It was a bit of a shock. Plus, i can't find one of his hearing aids. ugh.

leah said...

Ericka, what a bummer that Miles lost 20dB! :-( And then to lose a hearing aid on top of that news - ugh! We've had the new puppy get one of Nolan's aids a couple of times, which has caused some panicking (Hey, why is the dog whistling??)!

I hope you find the lost aid!

Magic Ear Kids said...

What an adorable picture of him looking over his glasses. That is a bummer though when you're trying to see through them, not just look adorable. Best of luck finding a way to strap those to his head!