Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Trip to Buffalo

Nolan, panning for "gold"

Nolan's post-sleep study ENT appointment is today, and I have been on pins and needles regarding the outcome of the study. I really, really wish the pediatrician had released the report to me, so that we could review the results prior to the appointment. On the one hand, if he has passed the sleep study, then we could have been relieved of stress over a week ago. If he has failed it, then we could prepare appropriate questions prior to considering our options. Doctors have a lovely tendency to spring the results on parents, then shove surgical papers at them before the information has been fully digested.

Anyhow, Dennis and I are both going to this appointment, just in case he did fail the test. If he has apnea, we will have to make a decision about doing a revision supraglottoplasty. In addition, if his laryngomalacia has returned, then we know his reflux isn't under control with the medication.

I'm trying not to think about it too much, since we simply don't know the results yet - if he passed the sleep study, then all is well and we can relax. In fact, if he passes this one, I think I will throw a party. Everyone is invited!

Matt is still on the DDAVP, without any success at the 0.2mg/day dosage. We increase the dosage to two pills/night (0.4mg/day) this week. I am hopeful that we will see some improvement, so that we can avoid a trip to the pediatric urologist. Buffalo is a great city, but I'd like to go there for a reason other than doctor appointments, thank you very much.

We did get some nice, sunny weather this weekend and the boys were invited to a birthday party in Dry Gulch - a pretend mining town in our area. They had a blast, digging up gems and seashells. Matt won an agate slice during a game, which made his day. I think we have two budding geologists on our hands!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Dry Gulch looks like a ton of fun :D

Waiting to hear the results...


tammy said...

Wow. I didn't realize just how long I've been on a "blogcation" and how far behind I am on all my favorite blogs! I was laughing at your language holes post because Aiden call our broom "the sweep". I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the next post I read has the news you were wanting to hear from the sleep study AND that Matt's meds start working.

PS - Nolan is just absolutely adorable in his glasses!