Monday, June 21, 2010


Pool play-dates are the best!

Nolan's earmolds don't look terribly small for his ears, but over the last two weeks they have started to squeal more and more. This is the last pair of "free" earmolds we will get, because we wrote earmolds and batteries into his early intervention paperwork as assistive technology- trust me, saving that $120 per earmold set has been a lifesaver! Luckily, Nolan's growth has been slowing, so we only need earmolds every six months or so. When he was a baby, we required earmolds every other week, and often had to have them double-dipped and airmailed so he wouldn't outgrow them before they arrived! This appointment will also give him spanking-new earmolds just before we go to John Tracy for three weeks.

I wanted to get up to Buffalo last week for the earmolds, but our Ford Ranger decided to fail inspection, which meant we would need to spend a hefty $2200 to fix it. Since the truck was only worth about $3500, we declined the repairs and spent the week as a 1-car family. Driving Dennis to-and-from work was not compatible with a trip to Buffalo (which is four hours in the car, round trip, not including the appointment time), so I rescheduled the appointment for this week. In the meantime, we traded in the old truck and bought a new Toyota Tacoma (four doors with towing capacity). We love the new truck; the new car payment, not so much!

The good news about moving Nolan's earmold appointment was that we were able to have our "water play-date" as planned. Eleven children, one slip-n-slide, two kiddie pools, and lots of sunscreen = enormous amounts of fun. Nolan had a blast running around with all the other kids! The bad news is that we have two medical appointments in Buffalo in one week. Nolan is not a fan of long car trips or doctors, so we'll just have to plug "Cars" into the portable DVD player and hope for the best.


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Julia always wants to put the baby slide down into the pool like that. I'm afraid it will rip the liner, but I guess it worked out okay?

That's a bummer about the car (and the new payment). At least you get that new car smell!

leah said...

I never really thought about the bottom liner ripping... this pool originally came with an inflatable slide, but it broke so thoroughly that I threw it out. Now we throw the baby slide into the baby pool and the kids have a blast (this pool has a little 'crash pad' at the bottom of the slide). We also have a "snap-set" pool that Matt adores, because it is a little deeper. I haven't tried putting a slide into that one!

xraevision said...

Good timing for the new molds! I discovered a slight tear in one of X's molds less than a week before leaving for JTC, and our audiology clinic is good, but not that good! We have put up with more feedback too while we've been here, so I'm glad we have an appointment scheduled first thing when we return home next week.

That pool set up looks amazing! I bet Nolan had a lot of fun!