Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Check, Check, and Oops!

I have been checking items off our "list" as the trip to John Tracy approaches. Yesterday, I put the audiology packet into a large envelope and took the two boys to the post office on a little "field trip." I dread going to the post office, because while I am standing in line waiting to mail something, the boys are invariably over at the postage scale, seeing how much it might cost to send a brother to Abu Dhabi. We mailed the document without creating too much havoc at the post office, thank goodness.

Final documentation mailed into John Tracy: Check!

We plan on visiting Disneyland from July 17-18. I decided to get on my beloved Hotwire to pick out a hotel. Last week, I saw a three star for only $55 per night, close to Disneyland. When I checked this time, nothing popped up under $80. I should have booked much, much earlier! I scrolled through the listings and saw the Doubletree listed through Hotwire's partnership with It was $81 per night. I was so excited- the Doubletree next to the Anaheim Convention Center is nice and less than a mile from the front gate. I started clickety-clicking and got that puppy booked before the offer disappeared.

Hotel for Disneyland: Check!

I printed out our hotel receipt, and noticed the address looked a little funny. It wasn't on Harbor Blvd. (the one next to Disneyland), but on The City Drive.

Booked the wrong hotel for Disneyland: Oops!

The good news is that this hotel is still a 3.5 star hotel, and is 3.5 miles from the resort. There is a complimentary shuttle that runs every half hour, so we won't have to pay Disney parking fees on top of the hotel parking fees (newsflash: Disney area hotels charge about $13 per day in parking fees).

Nearly everything is done for our John Tracy trip- I just need to print out our Southwest flight information and put it into the packet of paperwork for our trip to Los Angeles.

Tomorrow we have a very long day planned. Nolan has his annual renal and bladder ultrasound scheduled at 9:00am (monitoring for posterior urethral valve complications). This means we need to leave Jamestown by 7:00am, which means I need to have Nolan up at 6:00am to get his Nexium down and eat breakfast. The paperwork requests that he drink 16 oz of fluid in the half hour prior to the ultrasound, and then not pee until the scan is completed. Doctors are so funny!

He'll drink easily enough, but there is no way to get him to "hold it" at this age. I'm not too worried since we haven't had any bladder infections (just the same random fevers Nolan has always had, that don't seem to be connected to anything in particular). I don't expect any surprises at this visit, and if we're lucky, we can move onto less regular monitoring.

Our "follow-up" appointment is at 1:00pm at the hospital, which means I get to entertain two very young children in a toyless place for about 3 hours. Hopefully they'll find the gift shop and parking garage interesting places to walk. Dear DVD Player, don't fail me now!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Disneyland... yay! 3.5 miles and a shuttle isn't bad at all :D

Still laughing about the "drink 16oz and don't pee". Good grief! Who are they kidding? I mean, how big can the kid's bladder be? Not 16 oz!

Good luck tomorrow,


tammy said...

I'm so excited for you all and your trip to CA! So much to learn and so much fun at Disneyland and with grandparents!

Your boys seem to be pretty good at preparing for trips, maybe you should have them pack a snack bag and an activity bag! : )

Best of luck getting Nolan to "hold it"!

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Hotwire is rough for me to figure out. I'm at AG Bell now and this hotel charges for EVERYTHING. Rent a raft for the pool, $4 for a cup of milk, $20 for internet access. We'll be broke by the time we come home! We're currently waiting for delivery from Pizza Hut because I physically cannot spend $14 for a turkey club at the hotel restaurants.

Who knew my cheapness would so interfere with my professional development?

Now that I'm done ranting, I'm so excited for your trip! Shuttling is an excitement all it's own for the little ones.

leah said...

Very true- Matt is VERY excited to ride on the 'bus' at the airport and to Disneyland. We are going to experience almost all the forms of transportation on this trip (monorail, train, car, bus, airplane). No hot air balloons, though, lol!