Saturday, June 5, 2010

Speech Sample, 33 Months: In the (Play) Kitchen

Nolan spent much of today making me "coffee" in his play kitchen. His imaginative play has really blossomed lately!


Kimmy K said...

Love to hear those S's!

leah said...

We have gotten back almost all of the sounds we had lost- I am so thrilled! For about 2 months, we lost /v/, /f/, /p/, and /s/.

The only sound that is still missing is /f/, but it is a pretty soft sound (and we have it in some words, so I'm not too worried)! I am so glad they finally turned up Nolan's hearing aids- it has made a huge difference!

rouchi said...

Oh, he is responding soooooo well and seems like no hearing loss. Love the way he is echoing back and no lip reading.Congrats with this development and I am so happy that his hearing is better.

leah said...

You can tell how well he listens, because his back is toward me most of the time! This is good because we increased some background noise suppression technology and that can suppress sounds coming from behind the child- Nolan still seems to hear well with the new programming.

I also love the fact that he is interested in pretend play- it helps to develop language in many ways!

xraevision said...

Great talking and pretend play, Nolan! Our X really enjoys playing with his friend's little kitchen every week, and it gives us so much language opportunity.

I hope you enjoy imagined coffee in the morning, Leah, because your JTC kitchen kit does NOT come with a coffee making devise of any sort. We have opted to try an organic, fair trade INSTANT coffee from the local Ralph's supermarket. How bad can it be, right? It will be revealed tomorrow morning.

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

That's so great! And how wonderful that he'll let you capture it in a video - my daughter always clammed up if I tried to talk to her and run the camera.

Keep up the good work, you two are doing awesome!

leah said...

NO COFFEE???????

Oh, my.

Thanks for the heads-up. Is there a fourbucks nearby?