Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In Which Mommy Needs to Stop Talking in the Third Person

Mommy helps Nolan get a drink of water.

Nolan used to have a decent grasp on pronouns, but lately we've noticed the following:

"Nolan want go outside."
"Mommy give Nolan candy!"
"That toy Nolan's!"

Pronouns have disappeared from Nolan's speech. Perhaps it is a direct result of this:

"Mommy said it is nap time!"
"Give that candy to Mommy."
"Mommy saw you take the toy away from Matthew."

It can be so easy to slip into this language pattern. Mommy I will not neglect pronouns from this point forward!


xraevision said...

Oh, you sound just like me! So funny, but not really. X does not use pronouns yet, and I often wonder if I should stop referring to ourselves by name and start using the correct pronouns. Besides calling myself Mummy, I refer to X as if he is beside himself. For example, I ask, "Where is X? There he is" instead of "There you are." He's not going to learn if I model it incorrectly. Ah, hearing loss does sometimes take the fun out of language!

susannah said...

i was talking to my friend about this YESTERDAY!

Apraxia Mom said...

Kaitlyn is "allergic" to pronouns. I truly believe it! She talks in the third person all the time.

Maybe we should add that to her IEP goals???

Herding Grasshoppers said...

On the other end of the spectrum... when Wyatt was a toddler he referred to himself as "you" because that's what I always said.

"You would like some ice cream!" Meaning he, himself.

It will come in time :D

And the picture! He looks so much older!


leah said...

Oh, I know! He's suddenly filling out and "maturing." The toddler look is nearly completely gone (except when he runs, lol)!

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

All mommies do that and it's okay because MOMMY said so!

I know what you're going through, the pronouns are tricky. Nolan will catch on quick once he hears your model it for him.

leah said...

In a way, I think this is why he's been such a great language learner. My older son never imitated speech, so he was quite delayed in that area. Nolan mimics everything down to the last syllable, so he picks up our "errors," too!


MB said...

We totally lost his vs her. In fact she's done a 180 and gone from having them always right to always wrong.

Vivie said...

Awwwwww LOL . U'll do fine.

I always forgot pronouns - or said the wrong gender.I used to say 'it' in greek for ANY person.Drove mom up the wall , and sometimes I still slip.LOL.

He'll get it!

tammy said...

I was just thinking of this the other day too! I've tried to make it a point to use me and you as much as possible and I can't wait for Aiden to say, "Mommy, hold you!" This was always a favorite of mine with my older kids!