Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Latest Report from the Audiologist

We finally got the results back from the confirmatory ABR. We're no longer mild/moderate but squarely in the moderate range. It doesn't really change much, though, since the result is essentially the same (hearing aids).

His right ear is now registering a bit worse than his left (it used to be the better ear). Our results from October 24, 2007 were:

Right Ear:

500Hz= 55dBnHL

Left Ear:

500Hz= 60dBnHL
1000Hz= 50dBnHL
4000Hz= 35dBnHL

Now they are:

Right Ear:

500Hz= 60dBnHL
1000Hz= 60dBnHL
"click"= 35dBnHL

Left Ear:

500Hz = 55dBnHL
"click" = 35dBnHL

We weren't able to get as much information on the left ear because Nolan was not cooperating and kept crying/pulling off the leads, lol. The summary is that Nolan has moderate sensorineural hearing loss sloping upwards to normal bilaterally. Hey- only a few weeks until we get those impressions made! I really can't wait to get him amplified!

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Christian's Mommy said...

I'm glad that you were able to get some more information at the appointment! Hang in there!