Thursday, December 6, 2007

IFSP meeting

We had our IFSP meeting for Nolan. It was an interesting meeting because Matthew kept sneaking into the living room to play with the nativity set we have. I wonder what the EI coordinator thought when I said, "stop hiding the baby Jesus!" That kid loves the baby Jesus and carries the little statue around our house. We're often missing the main character in the Christmas story, lol. Anyway, Nolan will get speech therapy twice per week and we have established some goals:

Begin babbling
Turn and respond to voices
Start to recognize and respond to environmental sounds (i.e. doorbell)
Begin to vocalize needs as demonstrated in pitch of cries (i.e. hungry, mad, etc)
Vocalizing more to identify/recognize people/objects (e.g. mamama dadadada)

These are goals for the next six months, so these are things he should be doing by the time he is nine months old. We'll start the therapy sessions in January, because we're off to California and Utah for the latter part of December. Skiing and free babysitting, here we come!


MB said...

Twice a week is fantastic!

Matthew may be onto something. Perhaps he feels Jesus shouldn't be in the mix until Christmas morning? :)

leahlefler said...

LOL. We won't be here for Christmas so I got all the stuff out early. I couldn't sit in an undecorated house any longer! Matthew just likes to hide stuff. We STILL can't find the remote control to our television. Sigh...

Megan said...

We have the speech therapist coming once a week, we actually have 2, which I can't quite figure out. One I think is the official speech therapist and the other one is a parent liaison who also does speech. Luca's hearing is in the mild range for now, but I wondering if we should have the speech therapist come more. We haven't had the official speech person come because she's been sick the last 2 weeks.

How old in Nolan? I'd be interest to know if you think two times a week is working out.

Karen said...

Have fun skiing!