Friday, December 7, 2007

The First "Explaining."

I figured we wouldn't have to explain about Nolan's hearing loss until he had aids and the situation became more "visible." We took Matthew to get a haircut last night- his first real one! The employees all came over to coo at Nolan. Nolan, completely oblivious, just stared blankly forward. One person commented that he had eyes only for his mama. I just smiled and Nolan just stared. Another person asked his name and started to call to him, 'Nolan! What a cute baby! Nolan, you're so cute!" Again, Nolan kept staring forward with no clue that these women were fawning over him. "Wow, he really just keeps staring!" was the comment. Then they were REALLY trying to coo to him to get a reaction. I finally said- "he's hard of hearing. You have to get in front of him to get a response- he has to see you." Sigh...

I'm not sure if Nolan really can't hear the voices or if he just has no clue that they "mean" anything and thus doesn't turn to them. From the hearing loss simulator results, he probably can't hear them. Only 2 weeks until we get to pick out his aids and get the impressons made. I am so excited to get his aids in early January. Soon he will be able to hear better!


Loudest Mom on the Block said...

You're right - at least with the hearing aids on people will know right away that he's probably going to hear better if they make sure they're at a good distance, etc. With girls it's a bit trickier due to long hair that covers implants, etc. There have been several times where I let their gymnastics teachers, coaches, etc. know that if they are ever not responding, it's probably because they're not hearing them. I tell them the girls are hard of hearing, at which point most of the people think I'm kidding, and say "yes, my kids are like that too". When I tell them I truly meant it, they always feel so bad, but it's gotten to be kind of a running joke. Anyway- I've never had that issue w/ the boys, due to nice short haircuts- LOL

Sorry so long, just had to share :)

leahlefler said...

There are benefits to visibility! Some people might assume the kids are being "rude" and not realize they simply can't hear the directions. This was the first time when Nolan's hearing loss was apparent to people outside of our immediate family.

Only 2 weeks until we get those impressions made! Woo hoo!

Drew's Dad said...

That's a difficult situation. I never really want to bring up the fact that Drew is deaf because then people are uncomfortable and don't know what to say.

On the other hand, it's silly to let people like you mentioned keep talking louder and louder when you know darn well your kid can't hear them!

Good luck with the hearing aids!

Nathan said...

You made a comment on another blog about cueing. I'd really recommend it! I was the friend of a deaf kid in high school so I learned to cue and became a transliterator in college. It's great! If you decide to cue and need any questions answered about it I'm at