Saturday, December 15, 2012

Santa Wears Glasses

I am a cheapskate. I have a hard time forking over a large amount of money for the mall Santa. Especially since Nolan is incredibly afraid of the guy in the red suit.

Whenever I see an event featuring a "meet Santa" experience, we attend and make our visit with the Jolly Old Elf. These events are free, so if Nolan completely freaks out, there is no loss. This year, Home Depot advertised their Saturday workshop event - complete with a visit from Santa.

We went to see Santa, and Matt sat on his lap and asked for his Christmas gift. He wants a bell from Santa's sleigh (can you tell we read the Polar Express)?

Nolan hid behind Dennis. I tried to bribe him to go up to Santa so I could get a picture, but no dice. He's shy, and it was simply too overwhelming.

So Santa came to Nolan. He got off his big chair and knelt down on the floor. He looked at Nolan and said,
"I have glasses, too."

Nolan smiled and got closer to Santa. He didn't really talk to Santa, but was in complete awe. Home Depot Santa chatted with Nolan and took a lot of time with him. Home Depot Santa knocks the socks off the mall Santa.

To the Home Depot Santa, thank you for being a really great person today. You made a little boy's day.


TheSweetOne said...

[ love ]

Kyla said...

That is awesome!

K has visited Santa 5 times this year...and we haven't paid for a single one! School Santa, Bass Pro Shop Santa, North Pole Santa, Bank Santa, and Firetruck Santa...and I think she has told all of them something different!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Now that is a sweet Santa!


dlefler said...

It was really cool. The mall Santa is SO expensive, and so formal that the idea freaks Nolan out. This was perfect - a low-key environment and Santa came down to Nolan and chatted with him.

Nolan is aware that these Santas aren't the "real" Santas, but he is still a bit intimidated by the big guy in a costume. He's afraid of the characters at Disneyland, too (like many children are, I suspect)!