Sunday, December 23, 2012

Expecting a White Christmas

It has been a very dismal fall, with no snowfall to speak of and an absolute lack of sunlight. A blizzard was moving across the Midwest, and I was very happy to inform Matthew that his seventh birthday should dawn with an abundance of snow.

When we woke, over a foot of snow had fallen. The kids spent all day Saturday doing this:

Nolan's stomach has decided to give us trouble again. He's coughing and "choking" a lot, which is typically a sign of reflux. He quit eating yesterday, and only had a few grapes and a piece of string cheese throughout the entire day. Today, he ate 2 doughnut holes in the morning and five hours later, he was still bloated.

He's back down to about 36 pounds on the scale, but the overnight feeds are keeping him from getting any lower. Hopefully his tummy will decide to start working again soon, because this really isn't much fun. He isn't sick in any way, just can't eat and very bloated. He also has white diarrhea again, which no doctor seems to care about.

Despite the tummy trouble, we're all resting, playing, and enjoying a quiet weekend before Christmas arrives!


Kyla said...

Love that last picture of the boys!

Has Nolan been having a lot of dairy? That can make for white stools. So can some liver problems.

dlefler said...

No dairy (we have taken it away since it makes bloating worse). He is on Zantac, but still gets the white stools when he's not on it. The Zantac makes it worse,though. He does have an elevated AST, but his other liver enzymes are fine and his liver "looks" fine (they saw it during his fundo). So ?? I guess it's just a random Nolan thing.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Love the pics and hurray for the snow and happy birthday to Matthew... and praying for Nolan's tummy. I've never heard of white diarrhea.

Hope your Christmas was joyful (if not peaceful ;D )


dlefler said...

I think the Zantac might cause the white diarrhea. I'm not totally sure, though. His liver is OK so it is just one of those things, I suppose!

We had a great Christmas, though Dennis and I have been sick with influenza. I got my flu shot back in November, so I had a less severe course. Still not 100%, though!