Monday, July 9, 2012

Dental Appointment

Both boys had a dental appointment this morning. Nolan is such a good sport about the dentist (he actually likes the dentist, which is beyond awesome). The free stickers and toothbrush might have something to do with it - he's a sucker for prizes.

His teeth look good, though the one with the sealant is a little dicey. It might need a full-on filling soon, but we're in a wait-and-watch mode. He'll go back in January for another cleaning.

Matt's teeth look great. He has gained two new adult teeth since the last visit (the bottom front teeth). He also has four loose teeth, so the Tooth Fairy needs to start saving now!

I love these easy appointments! Next up: a trip to Buffalo for today's ENT appointment. It's a busy "doctor" day, but it is better to get them all done at once (and enjoy the rest of the week sans appointments)!

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Kyla said...

Glad it was an easy visit! The dentist is the WORST visit for KayTar...she cannot tolerate things in her mouth like that. Just this morning I made her an appointment with the dental program at the children's hospital because they can sedate, but we have to suffer through another attempt at unsedated first! Agh!