Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another Blasted Ear Infection

I have nearly completed another week's food diary. I took Nolan in to be weighed on Friday, and he was bouncing all over the scale. The scale clocked in at 34 pounds, which places him in the 7th percentile on the pediatrician's scale. He is below the 3rd percentile on the surgeon's scale. I'm not really confident about the weight at the pediatrician's office, though, because he was bouncing and they didn't re-check it to verify. And their scale runs consistently heavier than the other two scales (at our ENT and the surgeon's office). The whole food-and-weight issue is very stressful - I'll feel better once I have input from our surgeon and the nutrition department in Rochester.

On the other hand, our "give him any food he wants every hour" might be working to put on weight. It isn't nutritionally sound, but might keep him out of the failure-to-thrive category. I'm still waiting on word from our surgeon. The phone rang on Friday morning with a Rochester area code, but the answering machine had picked it up and the caller hung up when I answered. This was highly frustrating, as I think it might have been our surgeon trying to call.

In the meantime, Nolan has been enjoying his swimming lessons and has had a wonderful time showing off his fearlessness.

On Friday afternoon, he kept putting his finger in his right ear and complaining that it wasn't working. This meant one of two things: either that ear has finally gone kaput and dropped a significant amount of hearing...or he was in the throes of another infection.

On Saturday morning, we were running out of the house to a 9:00am soccer game, and I saw the drainage as I went to put his right hearing aid in. Beautiful. Ear infection number 2 since the fundoplication. At least there isn't a sinus infection with this one!

The pediatrician has Saturday hours, so I called and made an appointment for 10:00am. Our Saturday schedule went: soccer, pediatrician appointment, soccer. Nolan is on Amoxicillin and Ciprodex ear drops again. We can't tell if his tube is still in place, because there was too much pus to see his eardrum. Nolan hates the antibiotics, so we're putting the Amoxicillin through his g-tube.

We are leaving for California in a week, so I really hope the ear infection is gone before we fly!


Rachel said...

Big hugs for Nolan. I do the same as you with Em for eating - it is a bad habit to get into but at least it keeps them out of FTT! so draining... hope his ear infection gets better quickly xoxo

Kyla said...

Hoping that the infection is clear by next week!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh that stinks! Hope it clears right up!


Magic Ear Kids said...


Definitely leave that behind when you fly to CA!