Sunday, December 4, 2011


No more pictures, Mom!

Nolan has been having a lot of trouble hearing lately, so we were concerned about his test on Friday. As it turns out, his hearing is stable - changes of 5dB here and there, but the audiologist was happy to report a similar audiogram to the one he had in July. 

I suppose his difficulty in hearing simply comes from the deep end of a moderately severe hearing loss - he still can't hear his father (even aided) unless Dennis repeats words over and over again. His distance hearing is abysmal - he can hear me if I'm within 6 feet (aided) but outside of that he is lost. Frustrating, but something we'll just have to live with. Thank goodness for the FM system, because he wouldn't hear a thing in school without it. 

I should get the report sometime next week. I didn't actually see the audiogram, so I want to see if the "5dB" was a 5dB loss across the board, or if there were 5dB variations up and down. It makes a difference, because Nolan has lost hearing very slowly: 5dB + 5dB + 5dB adds up over time. If the 5dB is up and down, then I won't be concerned - that's just normal variation.

He does have granulation tissue on his left eardrum - not that surprising considering the recent infection. Otherwise, his tubes are open. We took new impressions for earmolds, since the right earmold had a small rip. He hasn't actually outgrown them (the last set were made before we went to John Tracy, over a year-and-a-half ago). With all the infections, however, I wanted new earmolds. I don't know if the old ones are harboring any infection, but why take the chance? We'll pick up his new molds on January 6 - for the first time, we didn't get blue-and-white swirls. Nolan wanted something different!

We're off to the ENT tomorrow to discuss the "abnormal" sinus CT scan results. I also have to ask about additional medication for the reflux, since Nolan is frequently nauseous throughout the day and begs for relief. I'm going to ask if he can have children's Tums (on top of his high-dose Nexium and Zantac). 

In the meantime, we're happy for hearing stability. We take good news where we can get it!


Liz said...


Glad to hear that all is well with Nolan at the moment regarding his hearing.

I can't imagine what the poor little guy goes through with his reflux. I have an upset stomach right now and I can't imagine dealing with this all the time. I hope they can get him some relief.



Herding Grasshoppers said...

Yah, good news!

And good idea about getting new earmolds. I bet they could harbor germs... ewww.

Maybe new ones, once or twice a year, just for good measure?


Kyla said...

Yay!! So glad to hear it.

rouchi said...

I had acid reflux this week end, hated it, the poor kid !!Good his hearing is good.