Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Annual Eye Exam

Still lacking stereoscopic vision - but the glasses are cool!

Nolan had a dilated eye exam yesterday. Things are looking pretty good! As far as the amblyopia goes, there is still a line's difference between the two eyes - one eye is correcting to 20/25 and the other is correcting to 20/30. That is a really good improvement for Mr. Lazy Eye!

The exam itself shows a slight prescription change. His right eye became 0.5 diopter more nearsighted while his left eye became 0.25 diopter more farsighted. I am very glad we caught the amblyopia through last year's vision screening program, because his eyes are becoming more divergent as far as the prescription goes. This is known as "anisometropia" - when it develops in adults, it is not a big deal. In children, however, it causes blindness in one eye (unless treated).

A little sensitive to light with dilated eyes!

We are able to hold off on patching indefinitely, which is great news. I need to order new glasses to fit the stronger prescription, and he has to continue wearing them during all waking hours (or else the amblyopia will worsen).

The best news is that we don't have to return for a full six months - and the next exam will be free from eye drops!


TheSweetOne said...

Hooray for no more patches! (glad to see your blog back too! I went to read it earlier and wondered where it had disappeared to!)

Kyla said...

KayTar HATES eye drops. I think it is one of her least favorite medical test ever.

Glad it mostly went well. KayTar changes nearly every visit, but the doctor only recommends we buy new lenses once in a while. Her astigmatism has gotten better over time, but the rest of it seems to get a little worse every time.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Glad to hear the amblyopia is improving and you don't have to patch :D

Just found out Tate needs glasses - very near-sighted. They're ordered, but he's not very happy about it.


rouchi said...

I guess you can write a journal on issues , am gald things brighten up on this front. He looks absolutely adorable in the big glasses. :)

dlefler said...

My blog was hacked/had "unusual activity" so it was disabled by Google for a while. Fortunately it is back now!

Nolan is not a fan of eye drops, either, but thank goodness we only have to do that once per year. I still need to order his new glasses (and verify his PD to get the right prescription online).