Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An Eye Appointment, In Pictures

Eating lunch in the car.

Heat makes Nolan wilt.

Looking over downtown Erie, PA

Matt plays with Legos during Nolan's appointment.

Dr. S's Office is like Disneyland.

Playing in the clubhouse.

Waiting to see the orthoptist.

Can you see the one that pops out? No, I can't!

All done - we got lollipops and we're on our way!

Nolan's right eye is still amblyopic, but the vision has improved a bit. He now corrects to 20/40 with glasses, which is pretty good for a kid with amblyopia! We are going to give the glasses another three months and re-check his vision in September. On the plus side, it gives his eye a little more time to improve. On the negative side, if we have to patch in September, he might have to wear a patch to school. Hopefully his eye will improve enough to avoid patching altogether!


Anonymous said...

There are some really cool patches that you can order (read: Spiderman!)

Maybe he will believe that they are another form of his "powers".

Love the pic montage! Wish our optho office was like that....with all the time we spend there.....

leah said...

Honestly, our PO is AMAZING. We're starting to find out that we should avoid places in Buffalo and head down to Erie or over to Cleveland!

Ann said...

Glad his eye is looking great. I'm so jealous of your PO's office. It looks wonderful!!

Here's hoping for more improvement in that eye!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Cute pics and good news!

And if he has to wear a patch he can work on his pirate persona. (How do you know if you're a pirate? You jus AAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!)

Amy said...

Glad there is progress ... we'll keep praying and sending good thoughts you're way! : )