Thursday, April 7, 2011

Remarkably Unremarkable

Nolan came home singing on Tuesday. He hadn't sung a note in his entire life, but Tuesday seemed to be The Day of First Singing. He started singing, and didn't stop. All. Day. Long. Apparently, his classroom has been practicing for an Easter program, and he has been paying attention. I love this video for so many reasons:

1. He's singing (of course)
2. He learned the lyrics to the song without special prompting or attention.
3. He can vary his volume appropriately.
4. He does all the appropriate hand motions at the right time.
5. It's just too darned cute!

He sang with his entire preschool class today. Watching him with his class made my heart soar: just a typical kid in a typical class - remarkable for the fact that it is so very unremarkable. For all the therapy and hard work learning to listen... the fact that my boy is "just one of the kids" makes me happier than anyone could ever know.


MB said...

Well there are a few of us who know how happy it makes you!

I always feel stupid tearing up at the littlest things, but it doesn't stop me!!

leah said...

I was definitely teary during this one. He's always been so "aloof" and not involved in the class, and all of the sudden he's both involved and belting out songs. Just amazing!

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

How sweet! I just love that moment when they finally get it!

tammy said...

Amazing and definitely a happy teary eyed moment. I LOVE how he's singing away, like he's been doing it all his life. Go Nolan go!!!

Julia said...

You can tell that the "boom de yadas" are the favorite part of the song -- talk about spirit! What a great job!

Well, we finally got some slightly nicer weather -- I could use some daffodils and boom de yadas after the snow and sleet we've had lately!

Anonymous said...

I love his sweet little voice. He looks so proud when he is done!

Way to go, Nolan!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh my gosh... could he be any cuter?!

I love the smile on his face (first vid) when you tell him you love the song!

And - yes - I know that joy of seeing our kiddos fit in with everybody else :D


rouchi said...

Nothing can me more touching than our HI kids singing!!Enjoy this moment mom.I too start to well up at such moments and end up not taking proper pics n videos.But awww, sweet.Way to go.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful, just beautiful! I didn't even need the captions.