Monday, April 11, 2011

I ♥ Spring Break

The kids are both free from preschool (and speech therapy) for two glorious weeks. No rushing out the door every morning, and I don't feel like a taxi driver ferrying children between three different preschools. To top it all off, the weekend graced us with a 70 degree day. We all felt due a good day, since April 6 looked like this:

This week is going to be fairly unstructured. We have a "traveling nursery rhyme" project for Matt's pre-K class (he has "Hey Diddle Diddle"), so there are some craft items we are going to make for his school project. Otherwise, we are going to have fun: I'm taking the boys to see Hop at the theater, we're going to hit the playgrounds when it isn't raining, and we're going to play with the dog. Life is good!

We did order Nolan's glasses at Walmart on Saturday. We got the "Go Diego Go" frames (Habitat style), primarily because they were the only ones that fit. Nolan had a bit of a tantrum because he didn't want the "baby ones," but luckily he got past his frustration by the time we left the store. He needs a 125mm temple piece, and the infant Habitat frames were the only ones Walmart carried to fit the bill. They don't actually look "babyish," which is a relief. A picture of the ordered frames is below.

They should come in by this coming Saturday. It will be good to get that amblyopic eye working again!

I also ordered some $6.95 frames from an online source. I had trouble finding the exact measurements, but I did find a pair that will work as a good "backup" pair if his Diego glasses break or need maintenance for any reason. Unfortunately, the temples on these are 130mm, so they will probably be a bit too long for regular use. I'm not too worried, since they only cost $7 - if they don't work out, we didn't break the bank. The online "backup" glasses are below:

Nolan is quite excited for his glasses to come in. We'll see how he fares once he realizes he has to wear them full - time. We've been having trouble with his hearing aids - he throws them when he has tantrums. I hope this is a short phase!


rouchi said...

Seems like a good spring break beginning.Enjoy the break and hope Nolan gets used to his new glasses too.

Julia said...

Awww, he's going to look adorable! If you can keep 'em on him. That 70 degree weather on Sunday was soooo nice.

Maria said...

Leah, this is probably an odd question for this post, but I was wondering, do you worry about the noise volume in the theater when you take Nolan to see movies? My son has hearing loss (non aided) and is 2 so we aren't there yet as far as movie going is concerned, but I wondered what your thoughts are on this. The glasses are cute and yay for 70 degree days! You can email me if you would rather respond that way Thanks!

leah said...

Julia and Rouchi, he keeps asking if they are in yet. He wants to wear them, so hopefully we won't have struggles. On the other hand, once he figures out that he HAS to wear them, I'm sure we might have a little more difficulty, lol. He is VERY three right now!

Maria, I sent you an email! We don't worry about the noise too much anymore (his hearing aids have a noise suppression feature on them), but we do worry about noise exposure. He wears ear protection when going for a ride on Daddy's lawnmower (we remove his hearing aids and put on protective headphones).