Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nolan's New Word

Nolan, playing on the thingy.

Nolan has learned a new word, and it is a very frustrating word. This single word is thwarting our attempt at getting new language out of him. He's rather smug about it, too- proving how very clever he is. The new word: "Thingy."

He uses this word in place of any noun, making verbal processing/auditory memory tasks a cinch. A typical exchange goes like this:

"Nolan, what would you like to play with today?"

"A thingy. Take thingy out of the thingy."

"What thing do you want to play with? The train?"

"No. Not that thingy. Other thingy."

He has realized the substitution of "thingy" is easier than coming up with the name of the object. It is quite clever of him, but we do need to break the habit before it gets ingrained!

Now I need to finish writing this thingy and make a thingy for dinner.


Kimmy K said...

Smart little stink!

Mandie said...

That's so funny! At least its not "doo-hickey" or another Texas-ism.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Ha ha ha!

Good luck breaking the habit,


PatchChild said...

We has the same issue for a long time with my son who's the same age. We'd start questioning him about the characteristics, even if we knew what he was talking about. What color is it? Is it up high or down low? Is it large or small? What does it do? Is it next to the apples or the books? At least we got more language that way!

tammy said...

Love it! and love the paint lesson the boys got too! What a nice lady! I just got done painting our kitchen, what a great idea to give them a paintbrush and bucket of water for outside!

Pattie said...

Hmm? Wonder where he picked that one up? I would say Mom, but she is too clever for that one. So that brings us to Matt. Ah yes, Matt. He is quite brilliant with words lately, isn't he?

JoeyRes said...

That is very smart. I wish someone had broken that habit for me - I call most everything a thingy still!