Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Our future soccer star

Like all two year olds, Nolan has several words that don't sound exactly "right." These toddler words are so darned cute, and I'm going to miss them when they're gone! My favorite Nolanisms:

  • Bape (grapes)
  • Bider (diaper)
  • Boppy (coffee)
  • Bet-bet (blanket)
  • Tut (truck)
  • Mittey Mout (Mickey Mouse)
I know that "Want bape, Mom!" and "Want bet-bet and rock, Mom" are not long for this world, with all the speech therapy he gets and the rate his language is exploding. We are also making headway in other language skills.

Nolan hasn't used the concept or word of "yes" yet. He hasn't even nodded to indicate he would like something. After some games with our speech therapist, he is now (with prompts) using the word yes. It goes something like this:

"Nolan, do you want more bubbles?"

Nolan: "Want more bubbles."

Speech therapist: Nods head vigorously.

Nolan: Also nods head vigorously.

Speech therapist (still nodding), "Yes, I want more bubbles!"

Nolan: "Want more bubbles- yes!"

The good news is that the nodding prompt is now working to elicit the "yes" response (though he doesn't use it spontaneously). The bad news is that we are all going to need dramamine from the motion sickness induced by all that nodding!

Since I'm in brag mode, other new Nolan phrases are:

"Be right back, Mom!"
"Come on!"
"Want watch moodie (movie)."
"Don't kiss my head!"

There seems to be another language explosion around the age of two, and it is a big one. We have heard a six word sentence recently (though the more typical length is 3-4 words). If he continues at this rate, he may be orating speeches by the end of this year!


Bright Family said...

Nolan, you are doing awesome!

Love the phrases.

melissa said...

Yay Nolan! I just love kids's own words, especially Nolanisms!!

Lucas'Mommy said...

Love the Nolanisms! So cute! I hope Lucas and Nolan get to meet someday! (maybe at JTC next summer?!?)

Holly said...

Nolan is doing great! I am going to try the nodding for yes with my son. He understands and says no a little too well.

Bill and Shelly said...

Don't you just love it......I love the cute little sayings they come up with.
Jordan's newest one is "me, me" for excuse me.

tammy said...

I love when kids have their own vocabulary too! It's so dang cute! He is doing so great! I love reading about proud mommy moments!

Julia said...

I love it!!! "Don't kiss my head." What a great sentence!

One of Ben's is "ba-ba" for pacifier. Don't know where he got that.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh that's adorable!

Keep writing them down, because you really will miss them.