Monday, September 7, 2009


Nolan has taken a keen interest in other people's ears lately. We were sitting on the floor during speech therapy, and he noticed our speech therapist's earrings.

"That Cyndi earring."

She acknowledged his statement and talked about her earrings a little.

"That Mommy earring!"

I told him that I was, indeed, wearing earrings.

"That Nolan's earring!"

And so our hearing aids have earned a new moniker. They are Nolan's earrings, and he's mighty proud of them!


Dibs said...

So cute!

Karen said...

Just wait until he becomes a teen and wants real earrings! LOL

susannah said...

i love this!

Ericka said...

Aw he looks so happy on the swing!
Maybe his "earrings" will be less likely to be thrown on the floor :)

Lucas'Mommy said...

how cute!!!

rouchi said...

how sweet is that.get him some sticker ear rings to get a feel of wearing one.

rouchi said...

Thanks Leah, I stopped the drops and the itch has stopped.I think the drops and the aid acted just had a pressure cooker effect.We really have to be so careful with their ears all the time.Hope Nolan is eating better.

tammy said...

He's so adorable in every way!