Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snow Day

Slacking after "school"

New earmolds will have to wait, as Mother Nature has descended upon us in all her white and frigid glory. With 8-10 inches expected in our area today, I decided not to risk the drive. This turned out to be a great thing, as our speech therapy session could go forward as planned. And Nolan had an amazing "skyrocket" day.

While playing with the Aquadoodle, Nolan heard and said the word "wet." It was more of a "weh," but he said it over and over again. Then came "hop hop" when we were looking at a bunny picture, /p/ and /h/ sounds included. Goodness gracious, this kid is starting to imitate like crazy! He has also picked up some signs (banana and a few more I can't think of off the bat), but his word acquisition rate is now faster than his sign acquisition rate. I swear the kid said "dah go mmmmmm" (cow go moo) the other day, though I might be imagining it. Are two and three word sentences even possible at sixteen months of age?

Today rocks.


Celeste said...

HI there! You asked about the plastic ring books on Logan's blog? They are actually books I make. I just use scapbook paper, glue on the picture and then laminate each page (usually at Kinkos) and attach them together with metal rings (that you can also get a Kinkos).
How fun...a snow day. We are living in 80 degree weather these days. A little bit a snow would be fun!

Julia said...

2 and 3 word combinations are NOT typical at that age -- very impressive!!! Ben tends to make progress in fits and spurts, too.

We were pretty close to you today -- we went skiing at Peek n Peak. Well, Ben didn't ski -- he hung out in the lodge playroom with his best bud Jackson while the adults took turns skiing. Everyone had fun. It was some nasty driving to get there, though!

leahlefler said...

Celeste, thanks for the info! I'll bet clear contact paper would work out, too... (no kinko's here, believe it or not)! I'll check JoAnne's for the rings.

Julia, I'm not quite sure if he's got 2 word sentences or if he's "jargoning." Hard to tell! It's probably more jargon than actual words (Dago MMMM for cow go moo). We've got about 20 words or so, and I know putting words together happens somewhere around the 50 word mark... so we should be getting close! Exciting stuff!

Val said...

...AND did you ever think you'd be using terms like "word acquisition", even our 'mommy vocabulary' improves w/all this hard
though I do keep a thesaurus just in case!

tammy said...

yeah for snow days! I wish we'd have a good one! Way to go Nolan! And even if it wasn't exactly what you thought, it was three words in a sentence no matter what! :)

*I love seeing those rosy cheeks on your boys! so dang cute!*

Julie said...

Way to go Nolan! (And MOM!!!)

Believe it - he can be putting words together. My oldest (normal hearing) was stringing phrases together at 15-18 months.

"done eat go play"
"mom sit 'nuggle blanky"


Hurray for Nolan :0)

Kristen@nosmallthing said...

Henry was about 2 1/2 when he got his aids, so this is not a parallel comparison. But once he got them, his language acquisition skyrocketed. It was amazing how quickly he learned. He made up about 4 1/2 years progress in 2 years time.

Your Nolan sounds like he's a bright little boy, and now that he can hear, he's going to learn extremely quickly! Good for him!

Loudest Mom said...

That is just about the cutest picture ever! Hope you're enjoying your Winter Wonderland :)