Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dry and Store

We received a little canister with silica dessicant when we purchased Nolan's hearing aids, but had heard about a better drying system through the Dry and Store company. They have a system which gently warms and dries the hearing aids to remove all traces of moisture, so we thought it might be worth our while to purchase one.

I'm $120 poorer today (even after putting in the HLAA code for 10% off), but if the system allows Nolan's aids to last a little longer the cost is justified. Let's face it: kids are rough on hearing equipment. Nolan plays in the snow, we dash through the rain, and summer is coming with its accompanying high humidity and dratted misters at the zoo.

The company has three models: the Professional, the Global, and the Zephyr. The Professional seemed like overkill with the size, and it would be hard to travel with. The Zephyr lacks the disinfecting capability, so I opted to forgo that option. Nolan has frequent ear infections (he's on cold number 2 from the date of his last set of tubes) and the disinfection might help keep his ears clear. The Global has the disinfecting quality I like and is still small enough to take on vacation.

Here's to having a long, long life for our beloved little Unitrons!


Julia said...

Leah, we have the Global. I wrote a little more about it after your comments on my blog. Totally worth it.

lbre969903 said...

We have the Global and love it!! I just wished we would have known about it sooner. I believe it has helped with our son not getting so many ear infections b/c of great quality it is..

Christian's Mommy said...

The D&S will be your best came in our CI kit, and you should see all the gear in it now...2 CIs and all their parts, 2 hearing aids...ear molds. It really is a great way to protect your investment!