Friday, August 8, 2008

My Brain No Longer Functions!

The good news? I actually got the correct date for our latest appointment. The bad news? I had the type of appointment wrong, so I made my wonderful husband take some time off work. I thought Nolan had a booth test scheduled for the 7th, but it turns out it was just an earmold impression appointment. Oh, well- we went out for dinner and toured the Galleria mall in Buffalo, so it wasn't a total waste!

Nolan's hearing test is on the 28th of August, the same day we'll pick up his earmolds. Our audiologist chuckled and told me they don't like to do impressions and hearing tests on the same day with toddlers, since they are often annoyed by the impression taking process.

We did have a brief scare when the audiologist thought she couldn't locate one of Nolan's PE tubes. He just had them placed in March, so they should stay put for a little while longer! We did finally locate it- what a relief! She also answered my question about the airshow. She said she'd probably leave his aids in and turn them off. She wasn't very concrete about it, though- his Unitrons have great noise suppression technology so his hearing should be protected by that, even when his aids are on. He does have very, very tiny vents (you can barely see them) due to his rising-slope loss (to keep the low frequencies from leaking back out). His loss isn't very "reverse slope" any more, though- it has been flattening out since his diagnosis. Our audi made a point of telling me to allow extra time after his hearing test for adjusting his aids. Hopefully we won't need to, but his loss has changed since his original diagnosis. I really hope he's stabilized, though.

He has lost his "B's" again. We have retained "M," "D," and "N." I'm not sure if this is a hearing thing, or if he's following in Matthew's get-it-and-lose-it speech development pattern. I do think we have our first spoken word: "DA!" That's "ball," but since we don't have b's, it comes out as "da!"

Now we're just gearing up for his MRI on Monday. I get to call and pre-register today. My friend has volunteered to watch Matthew, so at least we'll only have one cranky kid at the hospital. I think this is the last diagnostic test to cross off our list (other than ophthamology), and thank goodness for that!


Loudest Mom said...

Leah- I have done that SO many times (mixed up appointments). But, at least you go the earmolds done :) Emily used to HATE getting mold impressions done (when she was really little), but by the time she was 3 it was no big deal.

Best of luck with the MRI! Keep us posted, as I'm sure you will :)

Brianna's Mommy said...

You were in my neck of the woods! You don't know how many times I have confused appointments for Brianna. Once I actually went to the ENT, when we were supposed to be at the audiologist! But I guess we are all human. I am sure your husband enjoyed the little break from work! Good luck on the 28th, I take Brianna into BHSC on the 27th!

Val said...

I wish I could tell you that it gets better....unfortunately it's only gotten worse for me. Tell you what I did, unload useless information from your brain like your age, your weight, you know the non essentials...that frees up a little space **grin**

leahlefler said...

One of these days we'll have an appointment at the same time and Nolan will run into Brianna, lol. Well, crawl into her since he doesn't seem to favor walking these days (g).

ROFL Val- I would totally forget my weight- if I knew what it was! We don't own a scale... maybe I should get one. I just pretend that I weigh what I did in college!

Julie said...

I lobby long and hard to have all possible appointments the same day (well, duh, not earmold impressions AND HA fitting). Our audiologist and Oto are both at Children's, but don't schedule appointments the same day. ARGH! I have to go through a long phone-appeal every time.

You might see if there is anywhere local you can get the earmold impressions done, and have them sent to your Audio. We sometimes get ours done at the local university, by (supervised) Audio students. Saves me four hours of driving and they do a good job.

And it DOES get easier (having the impressions done). They often squirt the leftover "pink stuff" into Tate's hands and let him play with it while it hardens. He used to have a collection of it, but I think we were able to part with it the last time we cleaned out!

Julie said...

And, oh my goodness, what an ADORABLE picture :0)

Megan said...

I know it's hard going to two appointments, we drive 45 minutes to the north for ours, but I like having the impressions and testing done on different days as I like Luca to be at his best for the testing. Although now that he's 14 months, I could see him doing just fine doing both on the same day. I think it's when they are under a year that it's nice to have them on separate days.