Wednesday, August 13, 2008

MRI Results

I'm not a patient person. I totally accept that about myself and decided to call the ENT to see if the MRI results were in, and if they'd let me know the results over the phone.

They called me right back and said the report was just faxed over and placed into Nolan's file today. The report indicates "no masses or lesions" in the inner auditory canal. Essentially, the MRI is normal. The ENT is going to review the images herself and with a team of other radiologists and ENT's on August 21, but I doubt they'll find anything that the initial radiologist didn't see.

Nolan's our little mystery (no cause whatsoever for his hearing loss), and it doesn't seem like anything else (syndromic) is involved.

Now we can get back to "real life" and just keep tabs on his hearing levels every so often. I'm glad to be done with the doctor appointments!


Val said...

I hated waiting for test results. It just seems like when you call, they've always "just come in"! Glad it all sounded good.

Loudest Mom said...

Yay! That's great news. I'm sure the ENT will look at the cochlea itself, but be sure and ask if the cochlea had the proper number of turns (linked to Mondini's), and ask about EVA/LVA (the width of the vestibular aqueduct). It could be that the radiologist looked at this already, and lumped that into his 'fine' report, but my kids (w/ progressive loss) have slightly less turns in their cochlea and have enlarged/large vestibular aqueducts. Two good things to check on :)

I'm so glad you are done w/ the MRI. My kids all hated sedation, so I understand the crank factor-LOL!

Anonymous said...

Great news!

leahlefler said...

I know the cochlea is complete from his CT scan, and LVAS weren't apparent there, either. On the other hand, our ENT did say that sometimes an enlarged endolymphatic duct won't show up on CT film and will on an MRI, so I think she wants to look specifically at that. I'll definitely ask at our next appointment, though I doubt they'll find anything new when they review it as a team.

I'm just glad to have our free time back- fewer trips to the doc means more time for going to the zoo!

Julie said...

Don't you love it. "They've just come in" is code for "it didn't occur to us that you wanted to know this".

Glad the results look good :0)