Monday, August 11, 2008

MRI Done

The last of the major diagnostic workups is now complete, thank goodness! Nolan's MRI went very smoothly, though he was a very cranky baby who was wondering where his lunch was!

The anesthesiologist was kind and allowed me to be there while Nolan was put under. Nolan's only real fear right now is separation from mommy, so it was nice to comfort him while he was still awake. An hour later they retrieved me from the waiting room and I was allowed to nurse him and calm him down (he was already awake and letting the nurse know about his displeasure)! He was certainly a tiny boy with all those EKG leads, the pulse-ox, and the IV line all tied to him.

They let us leave very shortly after the procedure, since Nolan was alert and keeping fluids down. He's doing really well now, though seems a little "drunk" when crawling around on the floor! He's a little too tipsy for walking at the moment.

I have no idea when I'll get the results. I don't expect any news, since his CT scan was clear. I do have an appointment with the ENT on September 3, but hopefully we'll have the results before then. I'm not very good at waiting when I know the doctors have the results in their hands!


tammy said...

So glad to hear it went smoothly! I can't imagine having to hand over my baby, something I don't think we as moms can ever get used to! I'm like you, no good at the waiting game!!

Laurie said...

It sounds like you are in good hands at Buffalo Children's. . . I know it is hard to wait for test results! Hang in there and thank you for your comment on my recent post. I've heard many good things about Buffalo Children's but didn't realize that my hearing loss was diagnosed there so many years ago!

Christian's Mommy said...

So glad it's over for you guys, and he did well. Been thinking about you guys!

Anonymous said...

Glad it's over and I hope you get those results sooner rather than waiting until September. He's a tough little guy!