Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Hearing Aids and Glasses

We haven't picked them up yet, but Nolan's new hearing aids are on order. We will drive up to Buffalo on January 14th to pick them up - we chose the Bolero Q70 SP model. These hearing aids have 16 channels (as opposed to the eight channels Nolan currently has) and are water-resistant. They also have an integrated FM receiver.

The integrated FM is a huge plus. Nolan's personal FM system has not been working properly since he started school in September. He has a Phonak Inspiro, and it has had multiple issues. First, the transmitter was sent to Phonak and they did some basic maintenance... but the transmitter would not work once it was sent back to the school. Phonak replaced the transmitter when it was sent in for the second time, as there was a faulty circuit board. Then it was sent in for a third time because it wouldn't work. Now, one hearing aid won't register the FM signal - but this time, we think it is the hearing aid and not the FM system. Hopefully getting Phonak aids (instead of the Unitron aids he currently has) will help solve our FM problems. While his teachers are so happy to state that he "compensates well," lip reading and filling-in-the-blanks is not the same as actual hearing. He misses a lot.

He is also getting new glasses, which will be picked up the day after getting his new hearing aids. I am excited for his soon-to-be improved vision and hearing!

In other news, the windchill has caused our school to cancel for two days in a row (-30 Fahrenheit with the windchill, -12F as the "regular" temperature). It is warming up tonight, and will actually rain on Saturday. The kids are getting a bit antsy, as the weather has been too cold to play outside and there is a lot of pent-up energy here!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

I bet he does a fabulous job of compensating, but I don't like seeing our kids have to work SO HARD just to hear. So thankful for the blessing of technology! Hope his new glasses and HAs are the perfect fit.


PS While you guys have been freezing, it's been nearly 50F here. Go figure!

dlefler said...

Oh my goodness, Julie - he works so hard and we are so grateful for the miracle of modern hearing technology! We pick up the hearing aids on the 14th. I can't wait!