Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Glasses and New Hearing Aids: FAIL

On Tuesday, we were supposed to drive up to Williamsville to get Nolan's new hearing aids. The audiology center called and confirmed the appointment, I took the day off work, and sent Nolan to school on Tuesday morning in a state of glee - he was very excited about his new "ears."

The phone rang an hour before I was supposed to leave. The audiologist called, and said that the hearing aids didn't have the correct FM receivers, so there was no point in driving up to Williamsville, since we'd just have to return a few days later to have the FM receivers installed.

Apparently, the audiologist had noticed the wrong FM receivers were shipped from Phonak when they arrived in December, and had her staff member place an order for the correct ones. The proper receivers never arrived, and she checked on the status the day we were to drive up to collect the hearing aids. Phonak had no record of Nolan's name and no record of the order. The new FM receivers have been ordered and are on a "rush" status, but we won't be able to collect them until Wednesday the 22nd. Nolan was beyond disappointed, but what can you do?

On the bright side, at least they managed to call BEFORE we had driven for 2 hours to the hearing center.

Today, we were supposed to pick up Nolan's new glasses. I took another day off work, and Nolan missed his morning classwork. We arrived at Spectrum and the technician pulled out a set of frames. Blue and brown ones.

Nolan said, "They're supposed to be green!"

Nolan with his old glasses at the optometrist. This was supposed to be the "before" picture.

There was some argument - the tech insisted these were the correct frames, until she checked the serial number we had actually ordered - but we had ordered the frames with the green arms to match Nolan's ski helmet. Once the records were checked, she admitted the wrong frames had been ordered.

So Nolan doesn't have new glasses, either.


Now I get to take 2 more days off work - though we're not sure when the new glasses will be in. They have to order new lenses and get the proper frame sent to the store.

Hopefully sometime by the end of January, Nolan will have new hearing aids and glasses. Heavens knows that we pay enough for these necessary items - if only the medical staff were competent enough to provide them!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh how aggravating! Especially both at once!


dlefler said...

SO frustrating! What can you do? Nolan took a soccer ball to the face in gym today, too - it broke his glasses. The positive: it broke his OLD glasses, rather than the new ones since we couldn't pick them up today. The negative: now he has NO glasses!