Monday, October 21, 2013

October Update

Wait, that's right... I have a blog! Perhaps I should update it...

I have several very good excuses for not writing:

1) The kids returned to school and our routine activities keep us busy.
2) I have returned to work part-time and now barely have time to breathe.
3) It looks like this outside:

When it is beautiful outside, I relish every last second of it. Snow is due to hit this Wednesday, so we have been outside soaking up the vibrant beauty of fall.

Nolan's ENT has not been able to return to work. I  heard a very devastating rumor, but have not been able to confirm it. In the meantime, we are praying for her and for her family. We have been moved to another ENT in the same practice, who is now managing both boys' care.

Nolan is fairly stable at the moment. He did have another ear infection in September, but a round of Ciprodex cleared it up fairly quickly. He did have to start school with one ear, but managed to compensate well for the lack of hearing. We do want to look into new hearing aids for him and to obtain an aided audiogram/real-ear testing on a regular basis. He has a hearing aid evaluation tomorrow afternoon - we would like to get water resistant aids with updated technology.

Matthew failed his last sleep study, so his appointment was a bit longer. The new ENT was reviewing his records and decided that we should perform a pH probe to determine if his red/burned airway was truly due to reflux - or some other reaction (there are conditions that mimic reflux). Matt will have his pH probe placed on Friday and will have it taken out on Saturday.

In addition, we aren't certain if some of his ADD type behaviors are due to sleep apnea or to other factors. The new ENT would like to run testing for central auditory processing disorder, which is often confused with ADD (inattentive type). The testing for this disorder is very similar to a hearing test, so he will have testing performed at the same time as Nolan. Two birds, one stone.. at least we're efficient with our appointments.

This means I have three trips to Buffalo this week, and an oral surgeon appointment (I broke a tooth and will have it removed/probably get an implant). Did I mention I am working part time? Some weeks it is very part time. Sigh...

I will try to update more frequently - I keep waiting for things to slow down, but that doesn't appear to ever happen!

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Herding Grasshoppers said...


It sure is good to hear from you - back in the bloggy world. LOVE your gorgeous fall colors!

Three trips to Buffalo sounds exhausting - hope the visits are productive and helpful.

And - oh my gosh - the boys are GROWING! And still so adorable :D