Friday, October 25, 2013

Hearing Tests

We took the boys up to Buffalo for hearing evaluations on Tuesday. Nolan didn't have a hearing test, but we did do another aided audiogram (new audiologist) and selected new hearing aids. We are still waiting on a price quote, but Nolan will be getting Phonak Bolero Q hearing aids. We're quite excited about this, as we feel it will let him hear better. Technology has improved over the past 6 years, so new hearing aids are a good thing!

Nolan did get new impressions, as he will receive new earmolds with the new hearing aids. He chose a new color, too - he loves changing his earmold colors!

Matthew had testing for central auditory processing disorder, which is called CAPD, CAP, or APD, depending on where you live. He does NOT have APD, which is good to rule out, as it has a similar symptom set as ADD and as sleep apnea. We already know Matt has sleep apnea, so the inattention/moodiness/zoning out are due to the apnea and nothing else.

We did, however, find that Matthew has developed some very minor hearing loss. It is nothing that can or should be aided at this point, but his audiogram looks something like this:

He used to test as 15dB across the board (normal for children). While the main area of the speech banana is not affected, he is now on a yearly monitoring schedule so that we can aid him if and when the loss enters the speech range.

I am waiting to receive his audiogram in the mail, as this might be slightly "off" from the actual one. The right ear is slightly better than the left ear. Basically, he drops to 50dB at 8,000 Hz (ultra high frequencies) and touches mild in the low frequencies. He is "normal" for an adult hearing level, but has a slight hearing loss for the pediatric age range (better than 15dB hearing level). This does explain why he mishears the S vs. SH sounds. He can 'hear,' but might have difficulty in noise and might have some trouble with ultra high frequency sounds.

This does explain some of the "ADD" type behaviors.. calling his name when he's watching TV and in a busy location - it is not the busy nature of the situation that is distracting him.. he is having difficulty hearing with clarity in noisy situations. In any case, this is something to keep a close eye on.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Glad you've been and are back safe - and some new info to work with. Love the pic with "the pink stuff" (for impressions) in Nolan's ears. What color did he pick for his earmolds? I love that they give kids so many choices now.


EmmaVerdona124 said...

awesome that he's getting new hearing aids!!! (I might get maybe the Boleros probably next year or maybe not since my left is profound in the lows -_-*)