Monday, June 24, 2013

Sleep Study Number Six

Nolan had his follow-up sleep study from his revision supraglottoplasty last night. I am absolutely exhausted, so this post may be a complete jumble of incoherent mumbling. Fair warning.

We arrived at Buffalo Children's for the hook-up at 8:00 pm. The children's hospital is much better than the alternate sites because the tech is familiar with children and all of the equipment is properly sized. They also perform CO2 monitoring at the children's hospital and do not perform this test at the alternate sites.

Nolan was a champ with the hook-up. He's so used to the process that he didn't blink an eye.

The only part of the process that he hates is the nasal cannula. He couldn't remember what it was called and kept telling us that he "hated that mustache!" He turned the volume up to maximum on the TV speaker and watched some Sesame Street.

The same episode plays in a loop, so our wonderful respiratory technician brought in a DVD player with Toy Story. Nolan was quite happy with the arrangement, particularly when she rearranged his head wrap so he could put his hearing aids back in.

He fussed a little when the movie was over, and asked us to take his "mustache" off several times. He finally fell asleep, but not for long, He cried out frequently, but the tech came in and told me it was during stage 3 sleep. His legs moved all the time, waking him from sleep. I heard a few apneas, but I am not sure if they were central (some centrals are normal) or if they were obstructive apneas.

With the constant thrashing and crying out, I did not sleep at all. At 5:00 am, the lights came on.

We woke Nolan up. Well, we sort of woke him up. He was in a zombie-state for quite some time.

We left the hospital and drove 2 hours to our house. Nolan fell asleep on the way home, so he got a little more sleep in the car. I am beyond exhausted.

Tomorrow, we get up at 4:00 am to take Matt to the hospital for his supraglottoplasty.

At least we're never bored.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh golly, Leah! You'll need some time to recuperate! Glad the sleep study is not traumatic for Nolan, in spite of the "mustache".

Praying for Matt,


dlefler said...

Honestly, sleep studies are horribly exhausting (for mama). Nolan was wiped out, too, but he was able to nap on the ride home and was happy and playing by 9:00 am. I was a zombie the next day! Going in for another one this coming Friday (for Matt). I'll be glad when we are past all this!