Friday, March 22, 2013

Tonsillectomy Recovery, Day 1

Matt slept peacefully last night. Dennis and I made the decision not to wake him for pain meds, as we were a little concerned about the effect of narcotics on children with sleep apnea (there are some cases of children dying in their sleep with narcotics after tonsillectomies, particularly with a history of apnea). The risk is very small, but we weren't willing to take it. He slept through the night without a whimper.

I checked on Matt at 7:30 am and his eyes were open, but he wasn't moving. I asked him if he wanted me to carry him downstairs, and he nodded infinitesimally. I carried him downstairs and put him on the couch. I went upstairs and poured out his Lortab dosage. He took it with tears, as he was in significant amount of pain.

"Dummy medicine," he said, "why can't it work faster?"

Two hours later, he still wouldn't sip juice or try a Popsicle. I don't care about whether or not he eats, but I want to keep his fluids up.

An hour later, I did get him to take a tiny sip of Kool-Aid. An hour after that, I gave him a second dose of Lortab.

He requested a root beer Popsicle, and I obliged - he ate the entire thing, which makes me feel better about his fluid levels. He is not moving much and the day has centered around watching movies on Netflix and cartoons. I kept Nolan home today since we have lake effect snow and I honestly don't think I could put Matt in the car for a ride around town.

We get to play "Pharmacy Pick Up" today, as the ENT's computer system still has Rite Aid listed as our primary pharmacy. This is awful, of course, since Rite Aid's pharmacy does not actually carry medication. At least, they never carry the medication we need. Last time, they didn't have Augmentin. This time, they don't have Prilosec.

Tonight after work, Dennis will drive to Pharmacy Innovations to pick up the Prilosec (Rite Aid automatically sent the prescription there), Rite Aid for Matt's Bactrim, and then to Wegman's for Nolan's Augmentin.

He's also going to Sam's Club to buy Matt a special surprise - we decided to buy the boys the Skylanders game for the wii. They are going to be very excited about this, as we don't typically buy video games for the boys.

In the meantime, we are hanging out and enjoying the beautiful spring weather.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Praying for Matt's recovery. Push fluids :D

(Been there...)


TheSweetOne said...

sending hugs and saying prayers for all of you! FWIW, we were able to get through on lots of tylenol for Lauren without the narcotics. So long as she had a new dose every 4 hours she was able to manage really well. You might find the narcotic level meds aren`t necessary depending of course on Matt`s pain tolerence...
Fingers crossed for all of you!