Thursday, February 28, 2013

In Which We Finally Get All the Medications

Nolan was prescribed Augmentin (a really common antibiotic) and Flonase compounded with Bactroban. Our ENT sent the prescriptions to Rite Aid, the pharmacy we've been using. They've been notoriously horrible at filling Nolan's prescriptions, and I keep forgetting to change pharmacies (he's only on Zantac now, so it hasn't been a pressing issue).

When we arrived home from the hospital, there was a message on our answering machine. Rite Aid called and said they don't have any Augmentin. They also couldn't compound the Flonase with Bactroban. They are extremely useless as a pharmacy. They called every Rite Aid store in town, and exactly none had Augmentin.

They finally found a store that had a short supply, so we traveled all the way down to the store on North Main Street to pick up the short supply. When we got there, we discovered we needed to have a label that had been printed out at the Rite Aid near our house to get the medicine. My husband asked when the antibiotic would be ready, and the pharmacy technician snottily retorted, "When will you have the label ready?"

Awake since 3:00 am, having gone through a long surgery day (that didn't turn into an actual surgery), we were not appreciative of the jerk behind the counter.

We returned to our main pharmacy and picked up the label. We returned to the Rite Aid across town. We got the miniscule amount of Augmentin and headed home. We were instructed to return to the pharmacy across town to get the rest of the medicine the following day.

Of course, when we returned, they didn't have the medication. They had sent it to our "regular" Rite Aid. We drove all the way across town and picked up the rest of Nolan's Augmentin. We also picked up the Flonase with Bactroban from Pharmacy Innovations, a wonderful little compounding pharmacy that was quite helpful and kind. Also, they had the medication we needed, which is always a plus when dealing with pharmacies.

In any case, Nolan is now on his Augmentin, Flonase/Bactroban (which he hates), and his regular Zantac.

He still has no signs of an airway infection. He does have a very rare, occasional cough. That is the only outward sign that has developed - nothing in proportion to the amount of pus in his airways. He also says that his right ear hurts (oh please, oh please, do not turn into an ear infection)!

Before he has another prescription filled, I need to switch pharmacies. I've been told that CVS and Wegman's are both fantastic. I am done with Rite Aid. It has been headache after headache with that store - and it would be nice to have a pharmacy that actually stocks common medications!


Julia said...

"When will you have the label ready?" Give me a break. Well, it never rains, it pours -- let's hope you guys have met your quota for bad luck, frustration, and general ickiness for the week and that things ease up a little. And get some sleep! And some dark chocolate!

dlefler said...

It was a pretty jerky moment - especially coming from an employee of a pharmacy that was sending us all over town because they couldn't give our son the medication he needed. I am DONE with Rite Aid.

At least Nolan is back at school and we're carrying on - he doesn't act sick, so at least he's feeling good.

Magic Ear Kids said...

Ugh! Definitely time to find a new pharmacy. Fingers crossed for no more ear infections!!!

dlefler said...

His ears are still good today... so hopefully the antibiotics will kill anything before an infection sets in. The kid is on pretty high doses of antibiotics (nasal spray + the oral Augmentin).