Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ENT Appointment, Part 1: Audiogram and Aided Testing

We had a trip to the boys' ENT on Monday, and discussed several issues. I am going to break the appointment up into three posts (by topic) to help keep things short and sweet.

First, I managed to get a copy of Nolan's actual audiogram.

The audiogram has Nolan's bone conduction scores (the brackets), his unaided responses to sound (the x's and o's), and his aided responses (the B's). He has had some fluctuation in his unaided test results, which is typical for Nolan.

The biggest concern is Nolan's aided levels, which are only achieving a mild-moderate level of hearing loss. We have friends with similar levels of loss who are obtaining 20-25 dB aided levels, so this is clearly unacceptable. Nolan is only able to detect the presence of a voice when it louder than 30 dB (with aids on).

In any case, our ENT was not happy with the lack of aided testing and real-ear verification. She also thinks he probably needs power aids, since he has a mixed loss and the conductive component requires more power than a purely sensorineural hearing loss.We have some leads on different audiology centers that may offer better aided testing. I have to make a few phone calls, but it will have to wait until after the boys' surgeries (see parts 2 and 3).


Kyla said...

I hope they can figure out the best way to get him hearing more!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I second that! Hoping and praying you get his amplification sorted out... and 100% confident that you will.


Anonymous said...

Hello there, have you considered getting phonak Naida's ? They may just tackle the lack of amplification that your son is experiencing. Sometimes it takes a good strong hearing aid to tackle the problem.