Monday, January 7, 2013

Total Brag Post

Nolan is doing really well in Kindergarten. Really, really well - he is in the "100 club," which includes the 8 children in his class that can count to 100. He knows all of his letters and letter sounds, and is starting to read. Over the past month, he has started to take off with his reading skills. Instead of drawing a picture response on his classwork, he is now writing his answers.

If you can't read "kindergarten," his answer says, "My favorite thing about my house is TV."

He is reading, writing, and excelling in his mainstream kindergarten classroom. I wish I could send this paper back in time to that worried mother, sitting in an armchair with her baby and learning he couldn't hear very well.

I guess we can stop worrying about whether he'll be able to read as well as his hearing peers. It appears he'll read better than his age-matched peers.



Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh Leah, he's doing GREAT! It's such a relief when our HoH kids learn to read - lots of reassurance (for us) about their language skills.

Hurray for Nolan! And congrats on the "100 club" too :D


Kyla said...

So great! And I could even read it without the translation!!

dlefler said...

He is doing so very well. I wish I could send this back to my new-mama self. I was so worried about whether he'd speak or read...these are definitely not problems for him, lol!