Friday, January 11, 2013

Sleep Studies Tonight

Nolan has a C-Pap titration tonight, which is essentially a souped-up sleep study. We want to make sure his pressures are set appropriately and that his apnea is controlled. Sleep studies are never fun, but since his sleep laryngoscopy shows progressively worse laryngomalacia, we need to verify that his C-Pap is handling the airway obstruction.

Since Matt occasionally snores and has a few other symptoms that may indicate sleep apnea, he's having a sleep study done, too. Hopefully he is in the clear, but as long as we're doing the study for Nolan, we might as well have Matt done at the same time.

We'll head to the sleep center this evening - our arrival time is 8:30 pm. Fortunately, Nolan is now five and can go to the sleep center in Dunkirk - this is much closer than the children's hospital in Buffalo. We're grateful for the closer location. Dennis will be coming with me, as we need one parent per child.

We'll all be exhausted after our little family "camping trip," so Saturday will be a quiet, "resting" day for all of us!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Good idea to do it on Friday night and have the weekend to recover! Hope all goes well and you get some good answers -


TheSweetOne said...

Our new sleep guy was talking about "upper airway resistance syndrome" which is on the apnea spectrum but not as severe as full on sleep apnea. Symptoms are similar so it's a matter of degree. Might be worth asking about? Not sure the distinction is relevant to the big picture but he was insistent on getting the information out there...

Good luck with everything! Hope there`s a Starbucks nearby for the morning!

dlefler said...

Oh, I am so grateful for Tim Horton's. Home now and glad that is done and over with!