Saturday, May 26, 2012

Random Update

Nolan is doing pretty fabulously this month. No signs of reflux, which is fantastic, and he's been pretty happy. We aren't using the g-tube to vent quite as frequently, which means his stomach is finally settling into a more normal "routine" following the fundoplication.

He is still struggling with weight gain. He's down to 32 pounds, which is hitting the 5% mark on the growth charts. His eating is hit-or-miss, and he's been struggling with chronic diarrhea. I'm not sure what is causing the diarrhea, but I will have to talk to his pediatrician about it, because it certainly isn't helping on the weight front. He still has stridor, of course - we can hear it when he doesn't use the C-Pap at night (he was sick last week and didn't use it for a few nights):

 Despite the stridor and weight gain issues, however, he is fairly healthy. He definitely has a rosy glow to his cheeks and the fundoplication has been helpful to him. He doesn't choke as often and his little nose is clear - and he has been free of ear infections since the surgery.

I filled out his kindergarten registration packet on Thursday and sent it back to his school. Nolan is behind on his immunizations because he had the flu shot 2 weeks before his four year old well-child visit. They didn't want to interrupt the immunity forming from the flu shot, so his four-year-old jabs were put on hold. Then he had the surgery, got a few nasty viruses, and we were on vacation. I called the pediatrician last week to get him in for the shots, since he'll be five in a couple of months and he'll need a whole new round of immunizations.

We're off to enjoy a fabulously warm Memorial Day weekend - we take the sun when we can get it in these parts!

It's pool time!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Well, hurray that the reflux is GONE (and the ear infections with it). One victory at a time, yah?


dlefler said...

It is definitely one victory at a time - we'll have to tackle the diarrhea, since I'm not sure what to make of that. He's had problems with that off and on over the past year, but it is simply awful at the moment. We'll see what the ped thinks - if we can get that under control, I think we can get him to gain weight again. 2 steps forward, one step back!