Wednesday, February 17, 2010

EEG: Normal

If you watch the Olympics with your kids, be prepared for couch-ski jumps

I called the pediatrician's office to schedule an appointment for a rather persistent cold and fever. While there, I asked if the EEG results had come in- the office personnel said they were in. The most joyous words were written on that report: "Unremarkable."

Nolan's EEG is normal. Blissfully, wonderfully normal. A prayer answered. One less area of concern.

Ironically, shortly after receiving the normal EEG report, I received an email from a fellow mom of a little one with central apnea. She said her child also had "staring spells." Which were so convincing the neurologist ran a 72 hour EEG to rule out epilepsy. As it turns out, the child was simply so exhausted he was simply zoning out, in a very extreme way. The "staring spells" were a sort of baby-narcolepsy. This has me wondering if Nolan is doing the same thing- falling asleep with his eyes open for brief periods during the day.

The exam at the doctor's office revealed a rather nasty cold, which hasn't involved his lungs but has caused a double ear infection. Both ears are so full of fluid they are close to rupturing. We are starting antibiotics today, and hopefully the infection will clear up soon. Once we have our third set of PE tubes placed in April, we should have a reprieve from ear infections for a while.

On the central apnea front, the ENT's office called with the date of the sedated MRI. We are scheduled for March 23, well in advance of Nolan's scheduled tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy/PE tube surgery. Insurance has not yet approved the imaging (Doctor vs. Insurance: Round 1), but he is on the schedule.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Wow, that's good news! "Unremarkable."

This is one time for you to be glad your child is not "exceptional" ;D

Gee, if he's having a lot of trouble sleeping at night (the apnea) it seems likely he is just getting really tired. Hope it's that simple.


Terena said...

Hooray! One less thing to worry about. Amazing how that one less thing can make the overall load so much lighter.

Sorry to hear he's so sick, though. No fun

Julia said...

Good news! And since you now know that he's getting essentially no long periods of solid sleep at night, then the exhaustion theory for the staring spells might well be correct.

Regarding your previous post, we were just down at the ice festival in Mayville last Saturday morning with a bunch of friends. Bitterly cold, but tremendous fun. When were you there?

JoeyRes said...

UGH! I despise ear infections!

My daughter's kit didn't come with a wire loop - that would be really useful!

I hope the antibiotics do their job.

leah said...

I really hope it is that simple, too. The MRI will help rule a lot of things out!

Julia, we were there on Saturday, but in the afternoon. It was very cold! We enjoyed getting out of the house and eating the caramel apples, though. I'm really looking forward to the summer festivals, though I know we have a LONG time to wait for those!

Pattie said...


No, that is remarkable!

Hooray for Nolan! Love to hear good news about him!

Kristen@nosmallthing said...

Great news!

Hope the antibiotics give some relief.

So glad to hear that the eeg was clean.

Kimmy K said...

Hallelujah!!! So glad for the normal EEG!!!!

tammy said...

Hooray for the great test results and boo to the ear infection ... hopefully the antibiotics kick in full speed and Nolan's feeling better sooner than later!

Anonymous said...

Yay! That's Great Leah!!
Ethan also has 2 ear infections and 1 ruptured ear drum and is slated soon for his 3rd set of tubes. Are these little guys planning behind our backs or something?

rouchi said...

This must have really soothing for you. One thing less to worry about. just got back after a 5 day break and I was keen to get an update on Nolan's health. Hope you get all good news from all fronts. I admire the way you coolly handle situations. i would have lost it by now.