Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Buffalo: Round 2 (GI)

Completely unrelated to the post- just a gratuitous Nolan-cat picture

We went to the GI doctor today and took their scale for a spin- Nolan weighs a little heavier on the GI doc's scale, placing him on the charts! A heavily full diaper and thick, heavy clothes definitely make those weight numbers increase. The DuoCal is obviously doing its job, even if Nolan is back to eating almost no solid food. The GI doc agrees with our ENT that the reflux symptoms are definitely making a comeback, so she increased his Nexium to twice per day (still at the 10mg dosage). We get to go through the insurance battle all over again to get the dosage increased, of course.

Otherwise, he's looking good from a GI point of view. She wants to see him in two months to make sure the increase in medication level is helping. She also thought that his tonsils might be inflamed from a viral illness rather than reflux (I tend to agree, since he had a cold a few weeks ago). I mentioned the sleep study and she thought that was a good idea. I told her I wanted to avoid a tonsillectomy, but she said that a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy might really help with the fluid-in-the-ears problem that Nolan frequently has. I was a little disheartened by this- I was kind of hoping she would say, "Oh, he's gaining weight and just fine! Don't worry about the tonsillectomy."

We'll take it as it comes- the sleep study will help make the decision for us. If Nolan's tonsils shrink back down in two months, we can nix the idea altogether. If everyone could send "shrinking tonsil" thoughts this way, I'd be much obliged.

The best news was when she whispered "Hey, have they gotten the H1N1 vaccine yet?" I told her that no, there was no supply in Jamestown.

Assuming the voice of what I would guess a crack dealer might sound like, she said, "I've got some vaccine. Quick, into the back office."

There is NO vaccine in the entire Jamestown area, and it is highly rationed. Being an immunologist as well as a GI doc, she just received a supply of 600 vaccine vials. This means that not only did both of my boys get the vaccine, but they will manage to get TWO doses of the vaccine. For fully effective immunity to H1N1, you need both shots- most people are only getting one. We see her in two months for a weight check and a check-up on Nolan's reflux symptoms, so we'll receive the second dose at that appointment.

The best news is that there will be no further trips to Buffalo this week. The next trip will take place on the 15th, for Nolan's repeat hearing test. Considering the huge lake effect storm set to hit us tomorrow, I am rather glad to stay at home!


Pattie said...

I am chuckling at the "crack dealer" comment, Leah. Thanks. After the day I have had, I needed that one!

Good news on the weight. Do they really weigh him with all his clothes on? Hmmm? I hope the increase in meds will curb the behaviors that he is exhibiting again.

Tonsils and adenoids...bad words in my house, too.

leah said...

They weight was definitely not legit at the GI doc's office. They used a standing scale, Nolan had a very wet diaper, and all of his (winter) clothes on. The weight taken at the ENT the day before agrees more closely with the pediatrician's office, and was taken with only a (dry) diaper and t-shirt on. All the clothes and wet diaper added about a pound to his weight.

It sounds great, but I know they're going to freak out when they weigh him in two months and it looks like he "lost" weight, even though he just has a dry diaper! Sigh...

Julia said...

Oooh, H1N1! The Chautauqua Board of Health office in Dunkirk is holding an H1N1 clinic this afternoon and I'm taking Ben over for that -- but it's the nasal spray variety (I'd prefer the injection). Oh, well, better than nothing.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Love your GI/Immunologist/Crack Dealer!

Leah, by the time your kids grow up you'll probably qualify for some sort of medical degree... if that's any consolation.


rouchi said...

The list is on and on, the poor guy!I can just imagine what both of you are going through. I seriously feel you should consider homeopathy for tonsils. I used to suffer from tonsillitus since I was 3 years old and was on anti biotics almost each week. I have been treated for that though homeopathy and today I am able to eat cold, sour, and pickles and stuff which are poison for them. I really hope u find some solution to his ongoing list of problems. All my best wishes and good thoughts are for him.

leah said...

They scheduled the sleep study for January 20, so I hope that is enough time for his tonsils to settle down. I think the ENT wants to remove his adenoids to keep the fluid from coming back, and figures we might as well take the tonsils at the same time (especially since he snores). I'm not so sure- I don't want to put the little guy through another surgery. Unless we get some clear-cut results from the sleep study that say we NEED to take the tonsils, I'm inclined to leave the little guy alone.

If he gets fluid in his ears again and needs a third set of PE tubes, all bets are off, though. The third set of tubes comes with an automatic adenoidectomy. We'll see. So far, his ears look good.