Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Second Trip to the Moog School

The Moog school at Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center is absolutely wonderful. I absolutely wish we lived in Buffalo to take advantage of their parent-infant program more often! The parent-infant program takes place in their 2-3 year old preschool room, so the little kids get the benefit of seeing the "big kids" in action. Nolan would be eligible for their preschool program soon, and I am truly sad that we're too far away to consider going on a daily basis.

We arrived about 5 minutes late, right in the middle of the music program. The school has two dedicated music teachers who sing songs with the kids, and bring out a guitar. The songs are great, with many repetitive stanzas that the kids find easy to repeat. We also did a song with various tapping rhythms, which most of the kids loved (Nolan was still in Velcro mode and wasn't participating much at that point).

We took the kids outside to play and it was so nice to see all the kids playing and enjoying themselves. Matt fit right into the class and was a good language model for the kids. After sliding and blowing bubbles, we went back into the class and made pudding, then had some free play and a goodbye song. I really can't wait to go back again, with the small class size and the large amount of teachers (there were the two music teachers, the main class teacher, another TOD, and a speech language pathologist in the class)!

While we can't go on a regular basis, I do try to take him up for the occasional program. Despite the long drive (four hours in the car round-trip), it is always worth it. This time, I took Julia's advice and stopped by the Buffalo Zoo after class. The zoo is only 3 miles from BHSC, and I should have started the audiologist/zoo thing earlier. The boys had a blast!

After a three hour stint in the zoo (which is quite a bit larger than the Erie Zoo we are used to), I headed home with two comatose boys in the backseat. We certainly had a great day, and I hope to make it up to the school again soon!

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Holly said...

I wish you could go more often as well. I live in Houston and the best we have is the Center for Hearing and Speech. It is an oral langauge school with auditory verbal therapists, audiologists on site, and a preschool that begins at 18 months. Its all day from 8.30 to 3.00 5 days a week. My son is 17 months and we are still waiting to see if he is going to get in next month. We are keeping our fingers crossed.