Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Battle Wound

Turns out curiosity isn't always such a good thing! A little girl grabbed Nolan's ear when I was at playgroup yesterday, trying to get at his hearing aid. Her mother and I quickly removed her hand from Nolan's ear, but he has developed a nasty bruise that is on the top of his ear. His left ear is quite sore now, and it doesn't make inserting that earmold any easier!

On a more positive note, Nolan signed "ball" for the first time during therapy today. He now signs "more" and "ball," and has imitated "all done" and "milk." He also waves bye-bye, and babbles while doing that. Sometimes it sounds like "bababa," though usually it is "dadada" or "yayayaya."


Mom to Toes said...

Ouch!!! :(

WTG on the new sign!

Christian's Mommy said...

Poor baby! I'm so glad to hear about all the wonderful new signs! HOORAY!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I wonder if he's going to become wary of people going near that ear after one too many kiddos extend their curious hands. I love that he is starting to sign! That's so much fun!

Loudest Mom said...

Ouch, but awesome new 'words' :) It gets better when they are older until they start soccer, and get kicked in the spot where their internal magnet is (if they have a CI). Happened to Emily last soccer game, and I know (from their past experiences) how much it hurts, but had to tell her to shake it off.